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Just some pretties to get you through the week

Have I mentioned that I am OBSESSED with all things flowers? Oh yeah, I have once or twice 😉 I’ve never been a fan of tightly packed wedding bouquets. I want mine to be big and wild. I mean HUGE, … Continue reading

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Summer 2012 Highlights and Fall Goals

Whoa, where did summer go? I looked at my phone this morning and it said it was September 5th already. SERIOUSLY?! This summer flew by and while I can’t wait for fall, which is my favorite season, I’m a little … Continue reading

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Early to rise…

The record-setting heat has continued this week. I mean yesterday looked (and felt!) like this YUCK. I know that the midwest has also suffered with above normal temps as well, but this is exactly why I always complain here in … Continue reading

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Frozen corn and sunscreen

Based on the title for this post you’re probably like WHAT THE HEEEEEEEY? Ok, that picture is completely irrelevant, but come on, are you complaining? So I usually like to take ice baths (you can check out my ice bath … Continue reading

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Heat Advisory Run & HOT new playlist :)

I had to do something yesterday that I absolutely hated. I had to wake up early Not just kind of early (which for me, means 8am). I had to get up at 5am in order to start my run by … Continue reading

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Pink Ribbon Polo Classic

Weekend Run: A medium distance 7 miler on Saturday evening. But more on that tomorrow. Today was the Pink Ribbon Polo Classic at King Family Vineyards–For other posts on King Family vineyards you check out here (for wine tasting this … Continue reading

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Summer Breeze

I’m not going to sugar coat this: I’ve had a terribly hectic and stressful morning. Well actually  yesterday and today have been awfully stressful and I know that the rest of the week won’t be much better. I had to … Continue reading

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