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I didn’t do nearly as well as I anticipated at the MCM yesterday but I finished. And that means I successfully made a comeback from my knee injury. 14 months ago a head doctor at UVa, looking at my MRI, … Continue reading

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That one time I ran a marathon in a hurricane

Ok, maybe not a hurricane. But definitely not ideal weather conditions I don’t think the worst of it is going to hit until later in the day tomorrow, but it is still supposed to be rainy with high winds. Yuck. … Continue reading

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MCM Expo

Excuse my absence, friends! I wasn’t kidding when I said I was so busy this week. I was so inundated by work that I didn’t get a chance to post anything before I left for the crazy weekend. This is … Continue reading

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Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing

Ok, what I did yesterday wasn’t THAT bad, but I still feel guilty about it. I’m going to keep you hanging on about what I did for a sec. Look at these pics from when I ran the Virginia 10miler … Continue reading

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My Last Long Training Run: A Story of Good and Bad

I thought long and hard about titling this post “people are assholes”, but decided against it. Mostly because there were good aspects to my last long run of  of MCM training yesterday. Good #1: It was like I had won … Continue reading

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MCM E-Card and Bib #

It’s official now! I got my bib # and confirmation card yesterday so there’s no turning back now (not like there was before). For being out of 45,000, it’s a pretty low number This is by no means my first … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Running Surfaces (Revenge of the Penguins 20 Miler Recap)

Happy Monday everyone! It’s my favorite kind of day here in Cville: cool and cloudy. For the first time in months I’m wearing jeans, cardi, and a jacket! This is serious business 🙂 The post I have for you today … Continue reading

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