Social Life

Links to posts about celebrating, having fun, and being social 🙂

Winter 2012-Spring 2013
New Year’s Eve in Cville
Hook Holiday Party ’12

Fall 2o12
30th Bday Vegas Blowout, Utah Hiking, and Thanksgiving in the Mitten
West Virginia Wedding and Halloween Festivities
Fall Friend, Family, and Wedding Weekend
Reliving College: Trip Back to Madison

Summer 2012
Labor Day Bachelorette Beach Party
Pink Ribbon Polo Classic
Starry Nights at Veritas Vineyard 2012
Memorial Day Weekend in D.C.
Little White Tank Top [Dierks Bentley Concert]
Cinco de Mayo 2012 [Scenes from the weekend post]

Winter 2011-Spring 2012
2012 Foxfield Races
Mad Men Premiere Party
Costume Skating Birthday Party [Sunday Hangover]
Early Spring Teaser [Wine Tasting at Pippin Hill]
Lost & Found [Law School Feb Club]
Who’s Bad (Michael Jackson Cover band at The Jefferson)
NYC Weekend
New Year’s Eve at Snowshoe
Hook Holiday Party ’11

Fall 2011
Chandelier Bar and Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan
What Happens In Vegas…
29 Years Young
Afterglow (Charlottesville Live Arts Gala Afterparty)
Halloweeeeeekend (Halloween 2011 Weekend Festivities)
Weekend Warrior
Back in the Bean/Fall Wedding in Maine
Skybar Charlottesville

Summer 2011
It’s Been Awhile Social Update
Ups and Downs of a Virginia Summer
Blenheim Vineyard
Staunton Grocery and Polo at King Family Vineyard [Repurposing Post]
Brews With a View
Starry Nights at Veritas Vineyard 2011
Sweet Summertime
Polo at King Family Vineyard
Quick Weekend Trip to D.C. [Catching Up Post]

Spring 2011
Cinco de Drinko [Cinco de Mayo 2011]
Foxfield Races Recap
Non-stop Weekend Recap
Shamrockin’ in Shockoe
Rock You Like A Hurricane
Weekend in the Capital City
The Good Life Let’s Go On A Living Spree

Those who know me know that I love to go out. More specifically, I love to get ready, wear cute things, and go out. One the biggest things I miss about living in Boston was the nightlife and social opportunities, whether they were through sports leagues or other social organizations. Since moving to Charlottesville, a town with somewhat limited bars and restaurants, I have had to redefine how I view my social outings. I have to admit that there are a good amount of bars, just not as many as I’m used to. Plus I’m not keen on seeing the same people out at the bar every weekend (sometimes you want to meet new people!). Because of it’s size, you definitely need to know where to be on certain nights because some bars will be packed and others will be dead.

Charlottesville is also situated in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, with easy access to the Blue Ridge Mountains and a plethora of outdoors activities.  I’ve learned that being social here involves so much more than nightlife. We have some pretty amazing Southern traditions (hello, Foxfields race anyone?) and outdoors events (Starry Nights in Virginia Wine Country or tubing the James River). I now think back to my 4 years in Boston and wish I had tried more things that were “out of the box”.

So my advice? Go for it! Even if you’ve lived in the same city for years and you think you’ve done all there is to do. Get out there and find something new. You may just find something new you love or that further enriches your life 🙂 I’d love to hear of new things to try or ideas for being social so please share!!

Here’s a brief overview of some things I love to do and some new things I’ve learned to love that are central to living in the South:

1. First off, being silly 🙂

I can definitely be silly!

2. Getting Dressed Up

What girl doesnt want to get dressed up in pretty dresses and shoes?

3.  Dance!

Shake it like a polaroid picture

4. “Southern” traditions

Debutantes in the making

5. Sports and the great outdoors

6. Theme parties

Who doesnt love a good theme party?

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