Life Lessons from a Frenchie

My french bulldog, Sophie, is the apple of my eye. She is the smushiest little nugget and loves EVERYONE (people and dogs)!

I have found that she is able to take pleasure in the little things in life (as most dogs do) and for that reason I find myself looking to her for advice when I get stressed or life seems overwhelming. Here are some posts featuring my boobers mctoobers/chubby one/bubba chubba/steamed shumai/sweet potato/french bulldog, Sophie:

23 Paws 3rd Link-Up: Sophie and the Sun
23 Paws 2nd Link-Up: Two Frenchies are Better Than One
Some Frenchies…Just Cause
Snoozy McGee
Frenchies for You
Tribute to a Birthday Girl
Life Lessons From a Frenchie

You can help other frenchies in need through the French Bulldog Rescue Network

4 Responses to Life Lessons from a Frenchie

  1. Ruthie Hart says:

    I love this! She is gorgeous (as are YOU!)

  2. eatpraytri says:

    I LOVE french bulldogs sooooo much!! You should come check out my pet party link up that I just started! I would LOVE it if you would join in on the fun!

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