Hungry Life

I’m hungry. Like all the time. I tell myself that something’s gotta fuel the crazy, hectic life of a PhD student who refuses to give up fitness, fashion, and fun. But really, I think I just have the hungry gene. I can eat all. the. time.

While this is in no way a food blog (I don’t think it’d even be possible for me to post even some of what I eat everyday much less all of it), I do like to talk about restaurants I’ve gone to and some easy recipes that I try at home. My rule for myself is that I will cook dinner 4 nights a week and go out the other nights. This keeps things somewhat healthy and affordable!

Strawberry Milkshake lovin’

Tailgating spread at Polo Match

Balsamic BBQ chicken dinner I made from Giada’s recipe

Here are some notable posts on cooking, eating, and enjoying food!

Noshing (my favorites)
Mono Loco nouveau-Latin restaurant
Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar [Cville Restaurant Week Winter 2012]
Homemade Potato Latkes for Hannukah
Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar [Birthday Part Deux Post]
Mas Tapas
Staunton Grocery (via Repurposing post)
Farmers Market and Gazpacho
My Kind of Celebration (Whole Foods Salad Bar)
I’ve Feasted (Brunch at Basic Necessities)
Giada’s Balsamic BBQ Chicken (via the Chipotle post)
Take It Away (Best sandwich shop in Cville!)
Oldie But Goodie (Stuffed Peppers)
I’m Addicted (Diet Coke)

6 Responses to Hungry Life

  1. Carina says:

    My Cvle faves: Bashir’s on the downtown mall, Gourmet/Bellair Exxon sandwiches, Zazu’s and Arch’s, Mas, and probably Bodo’s. For bars I always liked Michael’s and the Biltmore, but it’s been just over 10 yrs since I lived there so a lot may have changed!

    • Oooh, Michaels and Bilt are still fun, though I mostly go to the Corner in the summer when all the undergrads are gone. Mas is hadns down my favorite restaurant here. I’ve heard good things about Continental Divide but I’ve still never been!

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