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Runner’s High Anyone?

I love to run, swim, bike, race, you name it! Although running races is my activity of choice I’ve been expanding my horizons and am now including triathlons, duathlons, and other fun events in the mix. Keep reading below to find some of my race PRs, some links to posts about running/swimming/biking and being active, and learn more about my love of being active and fit.

I’ve run in more races that I can count and since I just started this blog in early 2011, many of them are not included here. I’ve compiled a whole bunch of race photos from 2008 to 2011 here.

You can check out my twin sister, Becky’s, return to distance running with her Back in the Saddle series: #1 (Returning to Running), #2 (On the Road Again), #3 (Prepping the Part)

Here are some other links to posts about running, racing, and training:

Running Races (Recaps of races I’ve run since starting the blog). You can also check out my calendar on the right sidebar

Alexandria Half Marathon
WV Strawberry Mile (AG Award)
Irish Sprint 10k
Colonial Half Marathon and PR (& AG Award)
Frostbite 15k Race Recap

2011 Race Recap
Powhatan Christmas Tree 10k Trail Race
I Called It: Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon Recap
Richmond Capitol 10 Miler
Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegas Marathon: It’s Official!
Vine to Wine 5k [Sweet Summertime Post]
2011 Monument 10k
Shamrock Marathon…26.2 miles of fun in the sun
Marathon Madness (2010 Boston Marathon recap)

Race Photos from 2008-2011

2012 I ❤ The Tavern Tri (22.6)
2011 Culpeper aka my “Good Samaritan” Triathlon
2011 Misson (Wo)Man Triathlon
2011 Shenandoah Tri for the Y (18.4)
61.2 miles is far, but not as far as 70.3 (2011 White Lake Half Ironman) 
2011 Y-Tri Challenge

Hill Training and Science of Energy Supplements
Channeling Cinderella during a Mid-Week 7 Miler in Virginia Wine Country
When Life Gets In The Way And Your Ipod Dies (12 Miler sans tunes)
My Ice Bath Routine
Monday Marathon Motivation and the Seven Stages of the Marathon
Sick: To Run or to Rest?
My Swimming Story and Training Regimen
10 Miler and “Return to Running” after injury
2-Mile Rule
Building Up Running Mileage
15 Miles For The Win 
An Ice Bath A Day (10 Mile training run and ice bath)
Body Saying Yes! Knee Saying…Well, Okay (14 mile training run)
Pros and Cons of Running With Music
Midweek Tempo Run and 11 Major Marathon Mistakes
Half Ironman Prep
Spinning & Swimming
15 Miler and ITB Stretching
Insights on Treadmill Distance Running
My Fave Long Running Route and The Dreaded Taper
Sometimes You Gotta Go With The Flow…Or In This Case, The Rain

Injury Prevention & Recovery

Ice Bath Routine
Keep Muscles “Loose and Strong”
Practicing Good Running Form–Not Just for Newbies!
Conservative Care is the name of the game [Articular Cartilage Knee Injury POA]
You Know You’re A Runner When

How I got into endurance sports:

I love to run.  Although I get similar feelings of happiness from swimming, biking, and other exercising, nothing beats the euphoria of runner’s high. 

I actually didn’t get into running until after my first year of teaching. After college I decided I wanted to be a high school history teacher and so after going through a year student-teaching/Masters in Teaching program at Boston University, I got a job teaching in Canton, MA. Although teaching was rewarding it was SO exhausting (as all my fellow teachers know). I never wanted to work out or go to the gym after work. My fitness level was at an all-time low (not to mention I was 10 pounds heavier!). After seeing my twin sister training for and running the 2006 Chicago Marathon I decided I’d give it a try. I started small. When I started training for my first 5k I could barely run a mile straight through. But after my first race I was hooked. That whole summer I ran a 5k every other week or so and by the end of the summer not only could I run the whole thing, but I shaved over 5 min off my PR (to this day my 5k PR remains at 20:23 from a pancake-flat race in East Detroit in Fall 2007). I decided to try something else to push myself. You’d think I’d go up to the 10k or even half marathon. Nope! I went right to the beast and decided to register and train for the Chicago Marathon. My sister recommended a training program  (Hal Higdon’s the best!) and I followed it diligently. After completing the marathon in 4hours and 19 min I realized not only that I had accomplished something great, but also that anyone could do it! If they just set the goal and stayed disciplined to the training program anyone could run a marathon!

After running the 2010 Boston Marathon

Finishing the Deckers Creek Half Marathon (June 2010)

My love of running has pushed me to try other new sports. I now swim 2-3 times a week and just bought a road bike for my first half ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run)! Sometimes I get anxious that I won’t be able to cover the distance but I remind myself of what I’ve accomplished so far and it keeps me pushing my own limits 🙂

The best training guide for first-time marathoners

Whatever your fitness goal–whether it be to participate in a race, lose weight, or feel good–exercise can help you live a balanced, happy life!

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