Just some pretties to get you through the week

Have I mentioned that I am OBSESSED with all things flowers? Oh yeah, I have once or twice 😉 I’ve never been a fan of tightly packed wedding bouquets. I want mine to be big and wild. I mean HUGE, overflowing with blooms. I’m also planning on wearing a floral crown during the reception of my wedding. So, in short, I’m currently loving images of huge overflowing blooms and floral crowns.

flower crown 1  flowercrown2


now THAT’S a bouquet!

Luckily I didn’t have to wait for my wedding day to get my hands on some beautiful blooms. I was one lucky girl indeed when, at a summer solstice party hosted by the lovely Jan at Belle Haven (where Mitch and I will be tying the knot next June), the amazingly talented mother-daughter florist duo, Pat and Sherry, from Southern Blooms (who will also be our florist for the wedding) brought me a GORGEOUS floral crown. Made up of huge dinner plate dahlias. Le sigh. And when the crazy talented and super lovely Jen Fariello–our wedding photographer–is there to capture it? Pure magic

c6A4pqJY4Y_8QOICuuel-IO345zzTdGhGZ6K4SQv8aI,d2yEmn-ktIhAIxj7jN5v8NST9jEeUKQ0lTm0kAUkGuk hf8vKm3eVbKgUsx5RxXkQntYXKAy1J8gsUTUSHdvskQ,DCCeMt6CTqkAKD3MnvI0IsEKKJKg4wlV1652xDp2SXc

NYktBBygbhViO2CvKZ39bjvdvYtAy6OAlWJFsfcdZu0,cB3dx4Ow1zOQczidWmnOD9ywQzZ2bEtGdTBHVlsIL0Icig8zD7dJ7ijWG6ftsecfYN6urEKWV2H2Jvf-HPii9A,OoCMgaFElZ71d8Af718HYF2yIsRS6LaSQIDbAB7cIigyutX6zoTJEx3GMv6w54q8qlkQR7Ky8ax6RkfCj2WkdQ,CkXqCaUzJWtQtnu7oDLurqHyDGEAl7VW1Vz5zPJ9VBwAnd some snapshots at the party

floral3floral1 floral2 Have a happy Thursday friends! One more day until the weekend! 🙂

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2 Responses to Just some pretties to get you through the week

  1. jumpeatrun says:

    I love it! So pretty 🙂

  2. julie says:

    You are so beautiful! Love the flowers.

    Hope you two are settling in up North. xx

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