Let the Commencement Commence!

This past week was a doozy. I flew in to A2 for a quick trip and to interview for a job. Then by the time I came back, it was time to see my family again this weekend. They are on their way to Cville now for my PhD graduation this weekend 🙂 I can’t wait to see my diploma with my NAME on it! <–yep, I get my actual diploma, which at Virginia is HUGE (literally, the document is much larger than diplomas from other institutions, it’s going to dwarf both of my masters’ diplomas LOL). Tomorrow is my hooding ceremony and then on Sunday I get my hands on my diploma! I’ve been in school A LONG TIME. I have a bachelors, a master’s in teaching, and a master’s degree (and somehow I worked for 3 full years in my 20s). I can honestly say this is my last time in school ever, which is so sad to me because I love love love it. I guess that’s why I’m staying in academics.

We have a little saying here at UVa, which comes from the historic poem “Honor Men” by James Hay Jr. It highlights the prestige and honor one gets from graduating from the University of Virginia, one of the public ivy’s:

“Remembering the purple shadows of the lawn, the majesty of the colonnades, and the dream of your youth, you may say in reverence and thankfulness: ‘I have worn the honors of Honor, I graduated from Virginia.'” 

I truly love this institution and will always be proud that I earned the highest degree that a university confers from it. My Phd is by far my greatest achievement to date.


To start out my weekend right, I got in a 9 mile run on the TM. How’d it go? Ehh, May has been a tough month of running for me. Just tons of aches and pains. Hoping I’ll feel better in a few weeks for Decker’s Creek.

tm run

Now it’s time to get ready for the partying to begin!!! I’ll leave you with this interesting runner’s world article that reports on a study investigating whether it is possible to categorize running injuries by distance and speed.

runningwarticleWhat would you consider to be your greatest achievement?

Any fun plans for the weekend? 


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2 Responses to Let the Commencement Commence!

  1. jumpeatrun says:

    Yay for rad weekend! Enjoy it and have a blast! I just got to A2 and umich campus says it misses you 🙂

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