Finding the Positive (Running & Love–E Pics)

If you’re like me, you’re probably glued to your TV/phone/computer watching what is unfolding in Boston right now. It’s just crazy and I hope all of my friends there hunker down and stay safe!

No doubt this has been a tough week. I’ve been looking for the positive anywhere I can find it. First, it’s official: my sister is flying in to run the Decker’s Creek Halfie with me (and then we’re spending the weekend free wheelin’ in West Virginia! πŸ™‚ ). It will be almost a year to the day that we ran that ridiculously hot Alexandria Half together so I’m super pumped that we’re making this a yearly tradition. I’m also excited that other bloggers will be there, like my friend Melissa and Katie, who I’ve never met but I love her blog! With my previous two half marathons and then this one, it appears that my #yearofthehalfmary is going along quite well so far!



Flashback to last year in D.C.

Another silver lining of this week? The engagement pics we got yesterday (the digital files not the film prints). I thought I’d share some of my favorites…and be warned, there are many of them! I haven’t even included nearly all of the pictures we took! Just in case anyone is wondering, Mitch is wearing J.Crew in every picture. For me: The jeans and sweater are from Gap, lace/crochet dress is “Elana” French Connection (seen here in blue), denim shirt is H&M, and one shoulder dress is Vince Camuto (seen here from Zappos). And then I am wearing Mitch’s J.Crew sweater at the beach πŸ™‚

All photos by Jeffrey C. Gleason, Copyright 2013.Β 

View More: More:Β e1

e2Β View More: More: More: More: More:

e7View More: More: More:Β Phew, like I said, a lot of pictures! πŸ™‚ Tonight was supposed to be the first Fridays After Five, the free concert event that is held downtown every Friday that marks the beginning of summer here. It was canceled though because of storms in the area :-/ So I’m planning a fun dinner out with friends and then another fun night out tomorrow night. I need some crazy friend time….and a good long run. So that’s what I have planned for this weekend.

Do you have any plans?Β 

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11 Responses to Finding the Positive (Running & Love–E Pics)

  1. I love your engagement pictures. Your outfits are beautiful! πŸ™‚ Love love it!

  2. Melissa says:

    OMG how do you choose a favorite?!? Love the ones in the yellow flowers. And the ones right beneath those. And ALL of them on the beach!!! So pretty. I would expect nothing less πŸ˜‰

    Decker’s Creek will be so much fun! Do you and Becky always run together when you do the same race?

    • Thank you so much!!! No we don’t always run together. Although I’ve been more consistent in the past few years with running, she still has more natural running ability than me, so when trained she usually smokes me haha. I’m doing a year of half marathons, so I haven’t really been running for PRs. I’m trying the whole restraint thing…run slower and more carefully but run more. We’ll see how that goes as the year progresses LOL

  3. pickyrunner says:

    These pictures came out GORGEOUS! Ahhh they are just so cute, I have no words for it. I hope your half goes well this weekend but that’s all I have to say because I keep going back to the pictures. Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

  4. Katie says:

    dayum girl! you should model πŸ™‚ and the FI looks pretty darn good too! The ones in the yellow flowers are gorgeous! i really like the piggyback beach one though- it seems like it just shows how happy and in love you both are! I also love the scenery of yours- my engagement shoot should have that kinda rustic-y outdoors look as well, so I”m pretty excited!

    and PUMPED about Deckers Creek, I’m so glad you posted the other week on how they bus us up to the start because I was totally thinking- wait…the start and ending point are in different places lol!

  5. I am freaking gushing over these. You guys could be models. I hope you frame all of these… or at least cover a freaking wall!

  6. jumpeatrun says:

    OMG- all of these pics are absolutely gorgeous!!! You look so happy and beautiful!

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