Sorry I’m Not Sorry–Dissertation Edition


Sorry I’m not sorry that…

I’m happy that the weather for this weekend is looking dreadful–rainy and dreary–because I can hole myself up and write and not feel like I’m missing out on anything


I’ve been venting and complaining almost every 5 minutes to whomever will listen. Advisor? Ahhh my dissertation! Research team? Ahhh my dissertation! Friend? Ahhh my dissertation! Fiance? You get the picture…


You get to see another beautiful boring selfie of me at my computer. That is where I have been spending all my time!

Photo on 2013-02-22 at 15.49In my free time I’ve been watching trash TV and am kind of excited to take break from my writing tonight to watch SYTTD on TLC. I’m going back to Kleinfelds in March and have been emailing back and forth with Debbie there who is absolutely 100% fantastic. So helpful. So I’m sorry I’m not sorry for subjecting people (mostly my FI) to SYTTD almost every day. I need to unwind with mindless activities people!


Seriously. ANOTHER Pnina Tornai corset monstrousity???

Seriously. ANOTHER Pnina Tornai corset monstrousity???

That I told the girl sitting next to me at Panera that the music she was playing out loud from her phone was pissing me off. Ok, ok I didn’t say it like that. But I wasn’t that nice. Ummmm ever heard of earphones?????? The dissy monster is coming out…


What happy post, I’m just all rainbows, flowers, and unicorns over here.

No seriously, happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a better weekend planned than I do (PLEASE SHARE!!! πŸ™‚ )

**Oh and btw, y’all are too kind for commenting. I feel bad that I haven’t had any time to respond but I AM reading your comments and they always make me feel better!**

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4 Responses to Sorry I’m Not Sorry–Dissertation Edition

  1. pickyrunner says:

    Procrastination club right here πŸ™‚ You’re not alone! I complain to everyone too when I’m stressed/overwhelmed/frustrated/etc. Only 3 more weeks and you’ll be DONE!

  2. lottieeaton says:

    I would love to have something to do this weekend, but all I have to do are essays for college, ah joy! I loved your post though, made me feel much better about the days I take off writing to just watch TV and unwind πŸ˜€

  3. You’re allllmmmossst there. I’m with you on getting pissed off at people’s music, except I chicken out and just glare at them. Telling them would probably work out better for me. Good Luck with your dissertation!

  4. I am pretty sure you don’t have free time, you are always one crazy busy girl. I can taste the finish line for you!

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