It’s not Friday yet?

One more day after today, friends, and it will be the weekend. Hang in there! <–Actually I’m really only saying that because I need the pep talk. Lots of work for me today is leaving very little time for anything else. I’m squeezing it all in because the FI and I are going to this fun event later with a few other friends

bubbles arrows Yep, a lingerie fashion show at a local restaurant. Derriere de Soie is this amazing local lingerie shop in downtown Cville that sells gorgeous bras, panties (eek! that word always makes me shudder), slips, and nighties. There’s a raffle so maybe I’ll win something!!! I don’t usually win anything ever so I’m not getting my hopes up. But this will be a fun pre-Valentine’s Day activity for us, especially as I will be out of town next week for my friend’s wedding in Florida and won’t get to spend the day with the FI. Funny enough, we didn’t do anything last year either (he had to have surgery on his broken wrist on V-day last year so we ordered a pizza in the shape of a heart…who am I kidding that is my dream evening actually).

I’m typing away furiously so I can fit in the gym before getting ready for the fashion show! 🙂

Any fun Valentine’s Day-type activities planned? 

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3 Responses to It’s not Friday yet?

  1. that sounds like a blast! hope you do win something, free stuff is always ok. always.

  2. pickyrunner says:

    THis week feels like it’s going by SO SLOWLY! I would love to go to a fashion show someday! They seem like so much fun!

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