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Virginia Is For Lovers [And Runners] 14k Recap

Woowee it’s been awhile since my last race recap (as usual you can find the calendar of all the races I’ve done since starting the blog on on the right; click for recap—->) I usually try to wait for some … Continue reading

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Sorry I’m Not Sorry–Dissertation Edition

Sorry I’m not sorry that… I’m happy that the weather for this weekend is looking dreadful–rainy and dreary–because I can hole myself up and write and not feel like I’m missing out on anything I’ve been venting and complaining almost … Continue reading

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Not Enough Time

There is not enough time in the days and weeks. I woke up surprised that it was already Wednesday! Usually I would be thrilled that the week was flying by but I NEED MORE TIME to write. I got about … Continue reading

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Jam to that Beat

Another Tuesday another mix of great jams. I find that I go through phases in terms of the music I like to listen to while I run. My musical tastes in a given week go from rock to rap to … Continue reading

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4 Week Countdown

4 weeks. 28 days. That’s all I have left to finish my last four chapters of my dissertation. And after these 4 weeks I’m going to zoom back into the blog world with a vengeance. Just be warned: I’ll be … Continue reading

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Bubbles & Arrows- Derriere de Soie Lingerie Show, Chocolate, & Wine

Happy Monday friends! As usual I am overwhelmed with work. This is especially the case today and tomorrow because I am flying to Florida on Wednesday to spend the rest of the week celebrating one of my besties who is … Continue reading

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It’s not Friday yet?

One more day after today, friends, and it will be the weekend. Hang in there! <–Actually I’m really only saying that because I need the pep talk. Lots of work for me today is leaving very little time for anything … Continue reading

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