Running, Bumping Pumping, & Grindng

I don’t see nothing wrong….with a little PUMP and grind πŸ˜‰

Still haven’t heard back from my tech help on my little I’msostressedoutwhyisthishappeningtome sidebar problem so it looks like I’m going to have to get started redoing it. NOT what I wanted to be working on this week, but it looks so ugly now! So here’s a post I’ve put together so I can procrastinate even more on fixing this problem [UPDATED TO INCLUDE: Well aren’t y’all proud of me?! I re-worked the sidebar πŸ™‚ ]

Body Pump

Everyone’s heard about it and bloggers have been writing about it for years. Like overkill on the Body Pump, you know?


I used to do a modified body pump through the Boston Sports Clubs when I lived in Boston. I say it’s “modified” because it wasn’t actually Les Mills’ program but almost exactly the same. In fact it was better because this guy who led it was like a drill sergeant and changed up the class every week. I like the concept of body pump, I’m just not thrilled with the same movements and weight “releases” over and over every week.


I think as the years have passed and my running has progressed I’ve found that I crave more plyometric movements and functional circuit exercises that can help strengthen the muscles that stabilize and support my joints for running (gluteus medius, hips, core).


Body pump does that….to a certain extent. But I find that it’s really for people–mostly girls although there are some guys that come take the class–that want to lose weight/tone. Ain’t nothing wrong with that! It’s just not my goal per se. I love that Pump has forced me to do more squats and lunges. Let’s just say it’s forced me to do 99% more of those heinous lower body exercises than I would normally do. So I’ve recently started going again (if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that) and I’m keeping with it. Especially since I can do it with my good friend Sara and we just yuck it up the whole time (ummmm, this girl is crazy fit. I could probably outrun her in a distance event but her whole body is like crazy in shape)


What I really like doing now is running for 5-6 miles and then taking Pump when my legs are a bit warmed up. After the Marine Corps Marathon I took off almost 6 weeks of running. By that I mean I was running a few days a week for 3 miles or so. That is the equivalent for me of stopping running altogether. It was a nice break. My body needed it. But come December I was ready and raring for some runs…and some faster ones at that.

But now it’s January. Time to kick the Spring training season–my absolute favorite favorite FAVORITE since I love running in the freezing cold–into full gear. *Side note: doesn’t it feel like I was just talking about the start of fall running season? Wow time flies*


I love *LOVE* running in the cold. Most, if not all, of my PRs have come in the winter or spring (like what happened last February). This past weekend was no exception. Due to time constraints (achem, the sun goes down early now!) I was only able to go about 9 miles but it was 9 miles of pure “chilly, my head feels clear, and the air is nice and crisp and clean” bliss. I mean, can we just stop for a second and appreciate the loveliness that is running the crisp winter air and looking at this?



This is the look of one happy runner πŸ™‚

IMG_0641Β runningcold2Call me crazy, and I’m sure some of you will, but I could seriously live in a place where it was 30s-50s year round. As soon as I blink it’ll be summer and a billion degrees again. And rather than deal with what happened running outside last summer, this is what this summer is probably going to look like

treadmillSo let’s enjoy it while we can people!

What’s your favorite thing about running during the winter?Β 

What fitness class/circuit training regimen/cross-training plan/yoga poses do you find best compliments your running?Β 

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11 Responses to Running, Bumping Pumping, & Grindng

  1. i agree whole heartily! I am in that time of kicking in some miles but working on strength training at the same time, I am hoping for some speed this season!

  2. pickyrunner says:

    I’d rather run too. Rain or shine or sleet or hail haha but I almost tried body pump last week when I was “injured” for like a day and I’m kind of glad I didn’t now. I’ll stick to zumba, thanks πŸ™‚

  3. Carina says:

    So pretty, I miss C’ville!

  4. katiemoves says:

    The perfect winter running temp is like 45. (Like today) just tights and a pullover! No hat or gloves is perfect for me! I like body pump but have no time to go anymore so I prefer circuit and kettle bells to add some functional training for running!

  5. I prefer running in cooler weather, but I’m more of a wuss then you! 30s is SO cold!!! I haven’t been to body pump in years!

  6. Cinnamon says:

    It sounds crazy, but Seattle is perfect. The temps are sooo perfect for running pretty much all year long!

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