Change…It’s In The Air

change UMMM. #TRUTH

Well that’s what I tell myself anyways. The past 2 months have been just that. Chaotic. And January hasn’t been much different so far. Sure, the bf and I are going on an amazing vacay in a week to Cayman, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am scrambling–SCRAMBLING I tell ya–to write my dissertation, apply to new jobs, set up interviews, write 2 journal articles, and have a semblance of a life everyday. Call me stubborn but I just refuse to give up things that I love, such as hanging out with friends, seeing movies, and going to the gym everyday, just because I am an overachiever and literally have a full plate professionally. Nope, I won’t budge on that.

But let’s be honest, change is happening all around me. The nice work routine I’ve settled into over the past 4 years is about to radically change. My personal life is changing (undoubtedly for the better….more on that soon!). Hell, even my workout routine is changing. But change isn’t bad, y’all! I’ve never been one to adjust quickly or well, but I can at least now recognize that change can be good….and necessary

happy2 HOT DAMN! If we don’t change, we don’t grow, and if we don’t grow, we aren’t really living. I guess change is actually central to the title and theme of this blog, “Let’s Go On A Living Spree”

One area, albeit a small one, that I have changed is my fitness routine. I spent most of 2012 running, running, running. So eager to make a comeback to the marathon, which I DID! But I got burned out a bit. I’m still running. Almost every day in fact. I’ve just been running faster and for less distance. I’m really enjoying the change-up as of now and decided that 2013 is going to be the year of ‘13’s. Yep, the year of the half mary’s. I’ve got a few planned already, which you can see on my calendar on the right. Now I may change my mind and want to do a marathon but I think as of now I want to do numerous half marathons instead and save the marathon for 2014. Yep, this year I’m only gonna be half crazy


In addition to running, I’ve also changed up my strength routine. I’ve done more squats in the past 2 months than I’ve done in the past 2 years. Yep, you heard me right. Squats, the things I could never force myself to do. What’s helped with this change? Joining a new gym back in December so I can take Body Pump.


I only joined it for 3 months since I can still go the University gym for free, but I’m really liking it so far! Body Pump forces me to do squats and lunges, which have changed my body a bit (and helped my running!). I really don’t talk about weight on here but I’ve lost a good 6 pounds with my new regimen. This new gym also has my new favorite treadmill. It has a decline function so I can train on downhills and also a big, powerful fan which helps with longer runs.


But not to worry, not everything has changed. I’m still in love with my number one treadmill at the University, even more so now that no one is there since it’s winter break. While all the other gyms are just crawling with New Years resoluters (is that even a word?) my gym is blissfully empty. So I visit my fave treadmill at least twice a week

look how empty!

look how empty!

So you see I’m taking the change in stride (no pun intended!). Or I’m trying to anyway

SAMSUNGDo you deal well with change? 

Any changes happening in your life right now?

Are you a Body Pumper? 

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19 Responses to Change…It’s In The Air

  1. i am with you, there are things i like to keep in tact even if i have a lot going on professionally. i miss body pump, i used to do it when it was free in college, it is basically the only way I can force myself to strength train. yay for half marathons, my favorite! can’t wait to hear which ones you plan to run

  2. Tracy says:

    Love, love, love Body Pump. If you do it at least 3 times a week you will have lots of toned muscles at the end of 3 months. If your Gold’s has Les Mills spin classes you should try those too.

  3. Carina says:

    Ooooh, does that teaser mean you’re engaged?????!!!! I tried to look on the self-portrait but ring finger isn’t easily visible!!

  4. pickyrunner says:

    I’ve never been to body pump before but it’s on my list of things to try!! I’m super jealous you’re going to the Cayman islands and you’re going to have the BEST time! I don’t acclimate well to change usually but it depends on what that change is. In terms of more exercise, that I can adapt to 😉

  5. Caroline says:

    Great post! Love to see all the changes you’re making to your life/fitness. I really shy away from change, I’ve tried to embrace it more in the past couple of years but it’s still hard.

  6. katiemoves says:

    I LOVE body pump! I miss it. My work schedule changed so I don’t really get a chance to go. I agree, totally made me do exercises I would never do on my own! Nothing is changing for me right now but I think I’ll be making like possibly moving and hopefully a new job. Kinda scary! I’m not sure if ill deal well or not lol

  7. djfuzzy says:

    So many changes here! I’m a gemini, though so I actually kinda love change. Can’t wait to hear about your crazy 1/2 marathons 🙂

  8. jumpeatrun says:

    Good for you! Weirdly, I tend to thrive on change. I get a little freaked out if I live somewhere or have the same job for too long. I wish I had a little more of that fear of change! It’s good that you are listening to your body with the running and I love the idea of a bunch of 1/2’s! You are going to the love the NYC 1/2 🙂

  9. Jorie says:

    Fantastic quote, Claire! Just what I needed to hear.

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