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New Music Tuesday: Running the Extremes

Ok, it’s Tuesday night…almost Wednesday. But better late than never, right? Today I have a treat for anyone who enjoys a wide range of music genres like I do. I find myself listening to all different types of music depending … Continue reading

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That Week. Wow.

Wowza, it’s already Friday? Forgive me for being completely M.I.A. this week. You guys know that I always gripe about how tough it is for me to get back into the swing of things after a vacation and this week … Continue reading

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Back At It

We’re back! The Cayman Islands were amazing. If you followed my Instagram feed you probably saw a few of these pics, but here is a quick highlight reel:       Such a relaxing fun time! Too bad we had to … Continue reading

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I’ve Got 2 Tickets To Paradise

So pack your bags, we’ll leave tonight tomorrow, early morning 😉 This is what it looks like outside today. Blech But that’s ok because by this time tomorrow, the bf and I will be on the gorgeous island of Grand … Continue reading

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Running, Bumping Pumping, & Grindng

I don’t see nothing wrong….with a little PUMP and grind 😉 Still haven’t heard back from my tech help on my little I’msostressedoutwhyisthishappeningtome sidebar problem so it looks like I’m going to have to get started redoing it. NOT what … Continue reading

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I’m having issues. No not like those issues. Blog issues. Look at my sidebar —–> AHhhhh where’d it all go?????? I had a mini freak out today because it’s taken me awhile to work on that part. So either I’ll … Continue reading

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Wanna Go On A Mini-Vacay?

Happy Friday Party People! Wow, don’t you just love short weeks? Hard to believe it’s already Friday and I am a mere 7 days from beach heaven on the Cayman Islands. We could all use a mini-vacay, but since I … Continue reading

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