A sad day

As an educator (and former school teacher) I am horrified and deeply saddened by yesterday’s events in Connecticut. Schools should be safe places of learning and growth. They should be the safest place of all for our children. I haven’t even been able to go online because I keep seeing all these comments about how we should just arm more people for self-defense. Because seriously, arming school teachers is the smartest thing in the world. As a teacher I am offended and can tell anyone out there that the idea to purposely put guns in schools is just asinine and nonsensical.

This senseless act of violence is so tragic that there really are no words. I will continue to believe that people are intrepid. They grieve, endure, and carry on. But something like this will forever change both those who experienced it as well as all of us Americans. I think we all need to take time to reflect and engage in meaningful discussions about what we value most and how we can best protect those things. 

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2 Responses to A sad day

  1. I’ve not been able to do much the last couple of days except watch the news and be up all night because this is such a tragic, tragic event.

  2. Jorie says:

    Oh, Claire, I totally relate. I am so sad and heartbroken. My sister is a first grade teacher and she cannot stop sobbing and hasn’t been able to sleep this past weekend. My heart is just aching for that community.

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