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You Came With Me On A Living Spree, Once Again, in 2012

These are the years I tell you. The best years of my life. Sure I’ve been saying that since high school, but it’s also been true! Going through all my pictures and posts I did this past year in preparation … Continue reading

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2012 “Year of the Comeback” Recap

Has a whole year flown by already? I swear, it seems like just yesterday I was writing 2011’s recap and making some new goals for 2012. In the latter post, I vowed to “train smarter. Not harder, not more, but smarter.“ A … Continue reading

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Christmas Hangover

MERRRRRRY CHRISTMAS!!! Oh wait, it’s not Christmas anymore? Darn. I am really feeling the food, booze, and general good cheer of the past 5 days I spent in WV with my bf’s family 🙂 I got way too many gifts, … Continue reading

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I swear it’s good news this time

After a craaaaaaaazy week of working, moving (my office), planning, running (yes, running!), and then recovering (I have yet another cold :-/), I have some good news. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, I have finally been chosen via lottery for a … Continue reading

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A sad day

As an educator (and former school teacher) I am horrified and deeply saddened by yesterday’s events in Connecticut. Schools should be safe places of learning and growth. They should be the safest place of all for our children. I haven’t … Continue reading

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As if I wasn’t busy enough…

They are renovating our building so I need to pack up my office and move to a temporary office space. Ughh, I loved my office! I could shut the door and not be bothered. It’s not like I have extra … Continue reading

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Little Miss Sunshine

Happy Monday my friends! Real quick, I had to change my web interface for my instagram photos. I’m still on Instagram @ cemitche but to see my photos on the web, you can now go here. I also changed the … Continue reading

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