I thought maybe we’d take a little walk down memory lane today. I dunno why but I’ve been thinking about my childhood and adolescent years as of late (UMMMmm do you think it has something to do with turning 30???). Thought it’d be fun to bring back some fads of the late 80s and early 90s. You probably wouldn’t believe me by looking through all this stuff, but I really was a tomboy growing up (so much of it looks girly!). Anyways, I hope you can relate to some of these…if not, then it’s official: I’m too old 😉

Umbro shorts: yes, I wore these everywhere in my early 90s heyday

Glamour Shots at the mall

Girl Talk! 

T-shirt clips

Magic Slate on car rides

Skip It. What a stupid toy, you’d do it for like 1 minute and then get bored

Duck Hunt

Boxcar Children

Pogo Ball. Most friends I knew had one of these in their basements. No one ever used it. 

Original Slip n Slide. You know the one that was just a big yellow sheet of plastic? We had this basic one and I can still smell (and taste) the wet grass 😉

Scholastic Book Orders. If you ordered enough you’d get a poster or stickers. Or in this case here, it looks like you’d get a big pig eraser. Come on, who wouldn’t want that? 

The Babysitters Club

Mr. Sketch scented markers. Love the pink one

Teen mags like YM

Teddy Ruxpin! Check out the pic of my sis and I with our Teddy. He was kinda scary actually 

Easy Bake Oven. I had one friend with one of these. We’d always try to use it when I came over but not sure our creations were edible


Hot Loops. Nylon neon loops for making bracelets…and pot holders


Slap Bracelets

Going back in time a bit more here, but the Fisher Price garage

Hypercolor T-Shirts!

Fisher Price cash register (I remember playing with this when I was in pre-school)

Pound Puppies. Found out over Thanksgiving that we still have a Pound Puppy collection in our basement

Sticker collections were all the rage. You’d have a sticker book and then try to trade with your friends. Bubble stickers, fuzzy stickers. Lisa Frank. 

Fisher Price doctor kit

Trapper Keeper

Pocket Rockers. Prehistoric ipods. They played mini tapes. We had a Tiffani and Debbie Gipson tape. 

Fashion Plates


Hard Candy nail polish with the ring. I remember when Hard Candy first came out. I was in 7th grade and collecting the rings was a “thing”.

Wow, so basically those fads spanned a time from when I was 5 until when I was 12. Hopefully you were able to relate to some!!

What was one or two fads/toys/trends you remember from when you were younger?

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14 Responses to Nostalgia

  1. this makes me really happy as I listen to 90s pop genre pandora. skip it was my big thing I absolutely needed than like rarely used it. scrunchies as well were something I lived on!

  2. CultFit says:

    I would totally wear those Umbro shorts, like today!

  3. Leah says:

    I just relived my childhood. Had both the fisher price garage and the cash register. I would say 75% of those items could have been found at my house in the early 90’s. Never cool enough to have the easy bake oven though. Hope you had a great birthday and reminiscing is the best!

  4. Carina says:

    A friend from HS just put a pic of Caboodles on pinterest the other day and it almost hurt b/c my flashback was so severe — one of those things I hadn’t remembered for sooo many years, and then it all came flooding back!

  5. djfuzzy says:

    This post totally made my day. I’m 22 and remember most of the stuff on here too!

  6. LOVED this. I’d totally forgot about Hot Loops, I used to love to make potholders! I’m also pretty sure I lost all of the loops around our house and we would randomly find them years later.

    I also loved Umbro shorts!

  7. Loved this post! I remember just about everything on there and they all made me smile.
    My favorite was that my mom bought a “make your own pound puppy” kit. I have no clue where she got it and to my knowledge my sis and I were the only people with one, but we loved them so much!

  8. julie says:

    Loved this post. I was just talking about Girl Talk and Mall Madness the other day but I totally forgot so much of this stuff. Thanks for taking me back 🙂

  9. omg this is hysterical!! I love looking at past toys 😀 I used to LOVE beanie babies hahaha

  10. Cute! I think you just about covered them all…I just remember my favorite shows on Nickelodeon…like ALL THAT…and Clarissa Explains it All…haha

  11. Ah, love LOVE this post! You covered so many things. Girl Talk may of been one of the coolest games growing up!

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