The Rundown

Yikes, it’s been a week since I posted! So much work and life has gotten in the way and the blog has taken the waaaaaaaaay backseat

Do they still make station wagons with rear-facing backseats? Or am I just ancient and remember riding in the waaaay back?

Not sure I have any readers left out there, but I wanted to say I am sincerely sorry for dropping off the face of the blogging earth. I haven’t had to time to write any posts or READ any of my favorite blogs. It’s been like an alternate reality

So here’s THE RUNDOWN of the past week and a half:

1. Before I ran the Marine Corps Marathon, I drove out to West Virginia to go to a wedding. I got to see some beautiful sights and great friends 🙂

      2. I had to miss part of the reception because I needed to drive all the way back to D.C. to run the Marine Corps Marathon the next morning. I got a total of 3 hours of sleep that night. Let’s just say when I do end up doing a MCM recap (waiting for some pics) it will be titled Do As I Say Not As I Do. The recap will also go into the unexpected cramping issues I had during the race as well as the transportation debacle after the race. I didn’t get back to my hotel until 5pm because I had to walk all the way back. 5 miles. Yea.

3. I missed the big “going out” night the weekend before Halloween because of the wedding/marathon, but luckily a bunch of friends planned to get together and go out on Halloween. My favorite holiday of the year by far. Score! The bf and I went as a dweeby Mickey D’s crew mostly because I found these awesome vintage McDonalds buttons on ebay.


  Oh my. So much fun. I stayed up super late and did some major dancing 🙂

4. This past weekend a friend of mine and I drove down to Richmond to help celebrate our friend’s birthday. She had a party at her place and then we ventured out to see what kind of nightlife RVa has to offer. More fun ensued. Plus, I was so pumped to be able to  wear my leather leggings

 5. Between all of that I have been taking care of Sophie (who is doing better now that she is on some pain meds. We’ll see how she feels when she goes off of them) and trying to get a ton of work done. Work and job materials. Why am I working so feverishly you ask? Well, my friends, this Thursday I am off to VEGAS to celebrate my 30th birthday (shudder) with my twin sister and a huge group of our friends. It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my birthday with my sis up in NYC! We’re staying at the Mandalay and partying the whole weekend. Then on Sunday Becky and I are driving up to Zion National Park and staying at a fancy spa resort for a few days. Call it a bday present to ourselves. THEN it’s back to Vegas where I have a huge conference. So I’ll be gone for over a week. And I’m sure when I’ll get back I’ll be pretty run down. Do we recall what happened year when I was in Vegas (like this or that????? and I killed that PR 2 months later, btw)

   So that’s where I’ve been and where I’m going. I’m really hoping to do a detailed MCM recap soon, I’m just waiting on some pics so I actually have something to SHOW to go along with my rants on the day. And I know I skipped New Music Tuesday last week but I promise a good one tomorrow. Hope I still have some readers out there in the blogosphere!

Have you been to Vegas? Where’s your favorite place to go on the strip?

I’m late on this, but what were you for Halloween? 

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11 Responses to The Rundown

  1. haha I was an old lady for Halloween and went and had sushi in DC with some friends…it was fun though!!

    Hope you have a FABULOUS birthday time in Vegas!! I have been there a couple of times and love it, party it up! Me and some friends hit up Mandalay Bay the last time I was out there, it was fun fun! Take lots of pics.

  2. LOVE THE COSTUME, oh and i just adore your style. I really need you to dress me. I hope you absolutely love Vegas, you deserve a break. You have been working harder than ever.

  3. Looks like the blog took a backseat for a good reason, you’ve been too busy having fun!!

    Love your Halloween costume too!

  4. Busy girl! I’m reading 🙂
    A.) Your costume is sooo cute!
    B.) I love the first few pics, beautiful scenery.
    C.) The outfit you wore with the leather leggings – I want! You look gorgeous!

    I hope you enjoy Vegas. I’ve never been!

  5. julie says:

    Vegas is fun! I went for my birthday last year.

    By the why, LOVE leather leggings.

  6. I love the Halloween Costume! You can even pull off a McDonald’s costume!!
    I hear ya on the lack of blogging, I’m still reading! Life just gets in the way every so often.

  7. Jorie says:

    Sounds like you are in store for some fun! A Vegas trip and a spa trip to Zion sound amazing right about now.

    I really love your McDonald’s costume. Very original and super cute. I can’t wait to read about this marathon! I can’t believe you had to walk five miles back after missing the shuttle…that sounds nightmarish!

  8. You seriously have the CUTEST clothes EVER!! && I love love your halloween outfit. Absolutely adorable xo

    Have fun in Vegas girl.

  9. jumpeatrun says:

    Looks like sooo much fun! I didn’t celebrate Halloween at all because I was stuck in Denver. Don’t worry about turning 30- I have been loving my 30’s even more than my 20’s 🙂
    Have fun!!!

  10. Melissa says:

    I’m still reading!! But I totally understand where you’re coming from! Loved all the pictures and although it was a whirlwind for bit there for ya, it all looked like a blast! I hope you have an amazing time in Vegas and I do hear the same thing that Lish said that 30s r even better than our 20s! Keep us updated on Instagram pretty lady! 🙂

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