Sophie’s Sick

Happy Halloween!

I haven’t had much time to sit down and write up some recap posts on my weekend (the wedding and the marathon) because Sophie is a very sick little girl 😦 On Monday night the bf and I saw that she wasn’t feeling well: not eating, panting, pacing, and shaking uncontrolably. We took her in to the emergency vet and, while they gave her an x-ray, they couldn’t figure out exactly what was wrong. Just that she had a ton of gas in her tummy. After another vet visit yesterday (Sophie’s regular vet), we were able to pinpoint an extremely painful area on Sophie’s back. We think that she may have a compressed spinal disc, which is causing the pain and the shaking. After some anti-inflammatories and other pain med, Sophie seems to be feeling better but it’s up to me to make sure she is resting and lies very still so she doesn’t exacerbate her back.

Sophie not wanting to move at the emergency vet

SO I am still looking forward to doing some recaps of the weekend and the marathon–and especially venting about how I walked FIVE miles after the marathon to get back to my hotel since there was absolutely no way I would ever get on the transportation. It was probably the worst executed post-marathon I’ve ever seen and I would expect more from the marines!

I’m hoping that Sophie feels a bit better tonight so the bf and I can go out with some friends for halloween. We’ve got a really “special” costume haha. You can check out our costumes (yes, plural) from last year, here.

You dressing up for Halloween? 

What has been your favorite costume you’ve ever worn, as a kid or adult? 

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10 Responses to Sophie’s Sick

  1. I hope Sophie feels better!

  2. wow I am so sorry, sending some love your way for poor little sophie!

  3. julie says:

    Hope Sophie feels better soon!

  4. runscootsrun says:

    Feel better Sophie!! Looking forward to the recap and hope you’re recovering well. Have fun tonight! 🙂

  5. Melissa says:

    Oh! Poor nugget!
    Having a sick puppy is the worst–you just feel so so bad for them!

    I dressed up as a runner–ha. At least I got to wear my compression socks to work! My favorite costume ever was probably my cheerleader a la Grease costume from third grade. It was a freezing cold MI Halloween and my mom made me wear sweatpants under my skirt. I was so mad at her!

  6. eatpraytri says:

    oh no!! i hate to hear about sick puppies!! Hoping she feels better VERY soon. Guinn and Chloe girl send hugs. 😉

  7. Jorie says:

    Poor Sophie! I feel so bad for animals when they’re sick because you can’t comfort them with words like you can with children or other humans. To see their terrified faces and not be able to explain what’s going on is the worst. But I’m a firm believer that animals can also sense our emotions, so I’m sure Sophie can feel the love and TLC you’re sending her way!

  8. jessielovestorun says:

    Poor Sophie. Sending prayers your way. xo

  9. Poor girl! Hope she gets better soon and looking fwd to reading your race recap!!

  10. Poor pup:( Is she doing any better yet?

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