Parents Weekend and a Wedding

TGIF friends!!!!!

I gotta keep this short today because my parents are just now arriving in Cville to visit for the weekend. They haven’t been here for 2 years and the last time they were here–right before I started the blog–we did some great sightseeing. Looks like we’ll also have beautiful weather this weekend!

My favorite picture (and what used to be the header of this blog a year ago!) taken o Skyline Drive from my parent’s rental car

I swear sometimes they come just to visit Sophie πŸ˜‰

They’ll be here through Saturday night and then we’ll all drive up to D.C. for my friend’s wedding on Sunday (the one who had the awesome bachelorette party over Labor Day weekend). Should be a fun time! I’ll be sure to update the Insta feed πŸ™‚

Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend!

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9 Responses to Parents Weekend and a Wedding

  1. JEALOUS! pick some apples for me please? I love cville in the fall

  2. Gorgeous views! Jealous…the leaves haven’t even turned here yet…how lame is that?

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  3. jumpeatrun says:

    Yay! Have fun!! Can’t wait til my mom comes next month πŸ™‚

  4. Melissa says:

    Have a great weekend the fam! :)))

  5. Have an amazing time w/ your family girl πŸ™‚

  6. Have a fun weekend! Nothing beats getting to spend time with your parents.
    P.S Sophie is pretty darn cute! πŸ™‚

  7. FitnJess says:

    What beautiful pics! Fall is just such a great season. Looks like you had a great time with your family!!

  8. You pictures are breathtaking! Fall is beautiful and your puppy is adorable!

  9. Wow, the scenery is gorgeous! Hope you guys had a fun wknd!

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