Swinging Right Back Into It

Sophie’s Sleeping

I’m working non-stop

And trying to hit the gym to get back into my running/exercising routine since I have basically done nothing in the past week. I’ve tricked my body into thinking I’m tapering so of course I have all of these “phantom” muscle aches (does anyone else get those during your taper???). So gym time has also required foam rolling and stretching.

I’ve written about this before, but I’m a creature of habit. I love to travel and try/do new things but I like my routine. My eating, sleeping, exercising routine. So I feel really out of sorts today. I meant to get up at 7am to get in my 16 miler for the week (since I have a 10 miler planned for Saturday), but I was just so….FOGGY. Tired, you know?

My body has felt bloated and tired and I hate that feeling. So I slept in for another hour and a half and woke up feeling mildly better. It’s a beautiful day out today and I was really looking forward to getting in a run in the 50 degree weather this morning. So now I have to run outside in the 75 degree weather, which, if you know me, is not nearly as desirable.

I love running outside in the cold!!!!! πŸ˜‰

I thought that I’d come back and jump right back into my routine but I feel so tired and find myself–GASP–not wanting to do certain things, like run (and get out of bed in the morning). So my question for the day is…how do you get back into your routine after traveling or being sick? Β 

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15 Responses to Swinging Right Back Into It

  1. coming back from vacation is always the hardest, sometimes you either feel super motivated and other times the bed sounds way better

  2. Melissa says:

    I always feel I need a vacation from my vacation, lol. Just give yourself a few days,,,,you’ll get back into everything. Your body probably appreciated and needed the extra rest. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m the same way- I love my routine and find it really hard to get back into things after a break. I usually try to jump back into things right away and then struggle with more fatigue and frustration because I feel gross and my workouts suck. Honestly, sometimes your body just needs a little time to get back into it, especially if you’re not caught up on sleep!

    Sofie is so adorable, I really want a frenchie!

  4. I struggle with getting back into routine too. I caught a flu last week and didn’t work out (even though now i think it might have made me feel better), but I still feel sluggish and it’s frustrating. And then after vacation, I usually have a trillion things to catch up on. I think after a few days though it naturally works itself out so we just have to trust that

  5. Be kind and patient to yourself and you will get back into your groove. I know the feeling, sista! Hang in there!!

  6. same! I feel gross after being sick/vacation so I end up hitting the gym within a few days, but it’s hard to get out the door!
    Look at your abs in that Christmas run!! What’s your secret, do tell:)

  7. jumpeatrun says:

    oh man- i so know what you mean.getting back from a week in Ireland on sunday +getting a bit sick at the end has made this a rough week so far. I usually ease back into things, but I was really freaking out about having not done any runs in the last week. so…i totally forced it monday morning and made myself run. then i did it again yesterday. and i am up now at 5:45…making coffee and getting ready to go to yoga and spin later. i’m hoping this new method of forcing myself (painfully so) will get me back in the swing of things faster…ugh…

  8. The biggest advice I can give you is to just listen to your body. Don’t jump right back into full out intensity workouts bc your body will not be happy.. trust me! lol

  9. I know for me it’s always hard coming back from being sick to working out… I usually just take things really really slow haha like short runs or walks

  10. Jorie says:

    Sometimes, that extra hour of sleep is JUST what your body needs. And damn, Claire! That bod of yours is totally rockin’. Jealous!

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