Sophie’s Surgery

My happy little frenchie girl had surgery the other day for a cyst on her tail and I just wanted to give a quick update

We were a bit nervous because the risks of anesthesia are higher for brachycephalic/smushed face dogs but Sophie did just fine in the surgery.

The morning of the surgery, she could tell that something was up. Unlike her usual happy self (she’s happy even at the vet!), she was sad and subdued.

It was hard to leave her for the day, but she has a great vet and I was [mostly] confident that she would be fine. When the bf and I went to pick her up later in the day she was pretty drugged out and we couldn’t help but laugh at how she would fall asleep without even lying down 🙂

Dogs–even little funny ones like Sophie– are so strong. They bounce back quickly from surgery and Sophie was back to her crazy self the next day, just like she was back when she was spayed. She’s been ordered not to run around and go up and down stairs so we’ve tried to keep her pretty calm. Good thing she’s typically lazy 85% of the day anyways 😉

Sorry that our apt still looks sparse btw, we’ve been slow in unpacking but it’s coming together! Anyways, I’m relieved that the surgery is over and Sophie is on the mend. She is the heart of my heart ❤

Here’s some more frenchie love for you guys

Has your pet ever had to have surgery?

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18 Responses to Sophie’s Surgery

  1. oh my goodness I freaking love your dog. So sad with the drugs but so cute. I always get nervous when our dog has to have something done or is sick. It is hard to see them that way for sure! Glad she is healing!

  2. Glad she is healing…bless her little frenchie heart! I will keep her in my prayers 🙂

  3. jumpeatrun says:

    she’s so cute! get well soon sophie!

  4. Glad she bounced back quick and everything went smoothly! She is so stinkin’ cute! 🙂

  5. Jorie says:

    I LOVE your Frenchie. They are just the cutest little nippersinkers. And how you called him a “smushed face” dog. HA.

  6. aww she is so sweet! I’m so glad everything went well with her surgery. Maggie bounced right back when she got spayed, jumping around the evening she got home, lol!

  7. katiemoves says:

    Her cuteness has literally made me want a frenchie! I’m glad everything went well for her! Izzy recovered so quick from being spayed and was running around when she got back. And of course popped a stitch! But she was okay

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  9. She is soo cute!!! My friend has a boston terrier and she looks just like Sophie! I hope she feels better soon!

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