Treadmill PDR and Blogger Friend Motivation

No I didn’t burn just 84 calories and finish the run in 89 minutes (I wish!). The TM resets itself a few times throughout the run (thankfully the distance doesn’t reset!) so it was more like 2 hours 40 min and 1840 calories burned

 Yesterday I set a personal distance record (PDR) on a treadmill. 17.3 miles. Ok, ok, my previous PDR on a TM was 17 miles and I only beat it by .3 miles. But HEY, I’ll take any victory even if it is a small one! I have decided to reward myself with an adorbsy Ryan Gosling



Garret Hedlund (do you know him? He’s in Country Strong and sings all his own music. SWOON)

Despite the fact that my knees have been bothering me since the OrthoCarolina 10k (those damn DOWNhills!) the run went surprisingly well! The first 4 miles sucked as usual. But then I loosened up and really got into a groove.

This may seem a bit creepy, but I kept thinking about a comment that Jessie left me the day before. I told myself, “Jessie says it’ll be over before I know it” And it was!!!!!! It’s so much easier hitting my running goals when I have so many great blogging buddies to be inspired by (like Melissa, Chelsea, Alex, and Lish just to name a few. They always kill it on their runs!)

Need that motivation!

I actually don’t really mind running on the TM. I’d rather be outside but it is like a SWAMP here, seriously. It’s supposed to cool down a bit next week so I’ll be back to my mountain trail but until then, it’s my favorite treadmill. I don’t know what I’ll do when I graduate and have to leave it. I am considering offering the University money to buy it so I can take it with me. It’s not much to look at, but I’ve logged hundreds and hundreds of miles on it. My best running buddy 🙂

And I just feel relieved that the run is over and I surpassed my mileage goal (thought I’d only run 16miles) because I have that dang 20 mile training race coming up. I call it a “training race” because that’s really what it is. The Marathon Charity Cooporation decided to put together this Revenge of the Penguins 10 and 20 miler for everyone training for a fall half or full marathon. It’s supposed to be just like a training run with aid stations and I’ll take any help I can get! Plus, I get an embroidered jacket for signing up. SWEET!

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, I added a few more races to the calendar on the right-hand side of the page (all of these races are of course building up to the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28!) The Virginia 10 miler on September 29th in Lynchburg (remember how I said there weren’t enough 10 milers???? Yea, I had to jump on this one)

And the Henry Vilas Zoo 10k Run in Madison WI on Septmeber 23. That is a tentative race for me. I’m just going to have to see how I feel after partying all weekend long in Madison, where I went to college. I LOVE the Henry Vilas Zoo there though. It’s free to the public and they have great exhibits…even an Ape house!!!! So I would obviously love to support them. Oh, and it says if you dress up as your favorite animal you could win a prize. I am SO on that!!! 🙂

Anyways back to my run yesterday. After the run I knew that an ice bath was a must. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken one (here’s where I outline my ice bath routine) mostly because–and this is so strange so please tell me if you have the same problem–the “cold” water that comes out of the tap isn’t truly cold right now. It needs to be really cold so that the ice doesn’t melt right away. I think it is because it’s summer but I’m not sure why. I never had a problem all last winter…so…what the hell is going on???! I just want COLD water from my tap dammit, LOL.

Don’t you worry your pretty little self, I’m not naked, I’m wearing a bathing suit

Oh and I got to check out the latest edition of Runner’s World. Whenever this comes I get super excited.

I know I look like a hot mess in the above picture, but hey…

OK and the bf is going to KILL me for this. I will probably have to take it down soon, but I had to post it. After I got out of the ice bath, he had dinner waiting per my request: A footlong Subway sub and some mac and cheese. With a muscly beefcake on the side 😉 Does life get any better than this? I think not.

What is your treadmill PDR? 

And it’s time to call it out. Who in the blogging world gives you the biggest motivation to run/exercise/train? 

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19 Responses to Treadmill PDR and Blogger Friend Motivation

  1. Yowza those are a lot of treadmill miles! I think the farthest I’ve gone is 6 or 7 before dying of boredom. Seriously good for you! It’s so humid out, I wish I had that discipline!

  2. jumpeatrun says:

    AWESOME JOB!!! I give you so much credit for doing that much mileage on the TM. I think I have a mental block when it comes to running on the TM. And thanks for the shout out- you are totally a motivator for me too! As are the 3 other ladies you mentioned 🙂
    Give it up for blog friends! Not sure what i would do without ya!

  3. Aw so sweet! I am glad you thought of me. I do the same, I think of all my blogging running friends and just keep on truckin. Helps me get up each morning. I am blown away you did those miles on the treadmill crazy! So now I need your help… do I do a marathon (my first ever!) in march? I can’t decide, I am scared shitless

    • Do it do it!!!! You will be great! You have such an amazing running base from running for so many years and training will probably be easy for your. The only thing that might be tough is trying to find time to fit in the longer runs but I think it’s totally worth it. And training for spring marathon is much better because it’ll be nice and cool/cold in D.C. Are you thinking the Rock n Roll D.C. or Shamrock (those are the only two I know of in March). Both would be good, although I don’t have the best things to say about Rock n Roll races even though I keep signing up for them hahaha. I might sign up for the RnR in March so we can have a blogger meet up

      Bottom line: DO IT!!!!!! 🙂 I

  4. kaitwatts says:

    Man, I would struggle big time with that many miles. Do you wear your shoes in the ice bath too? Your beefcake, I mean subway sandwhich looks delicious. (Haha-just kidding)

  5. GO GIRL!!!! Congrats on the PDR! That 20 mile race sounds so fun…wishing they would have races like that down here. I have a 10 mile race coming up at the end of Sept then a couple more 20 milers before the marathon, including a 20 miler this weekend – looking fwd to it!

    So glad we can inspire each other! You are going to rock MCM!!!

    The BF was so sweet to get you some grub! I have that RW sitting on my dining room table – probably going to crack that open after work tonight.

  6. Woo-hoo…that’s awesome girl! Congrats on the PDR!…that is a long time to be on the mill…even though I don’t mind the mill, I think my longest run on it has been? And you are incredibly sweet for giving me a shout out…I feel the same way! Also…I think you’re badass for actually taking an ice-bath…do they get easier? I have yet to take the plunge in one. Oh…and props to the BF for preparing you your dinner of choice…he’s a keeper! 😉 Happy Friday!

  7. I knew you would kill your run! Hey, even .3 is awesome!! Anything longer than before, I even settle for .1 sometimes, hahaha!

    Ahahaha, he prob is going to kill you, but that’s so cute that he had it ready for you. Muscles are always a handy side to have, too;)

  8. Hi, Claire. I ‘m just checking to see if you received my email to be our guest on WINA Morning News this Saturday. I’m hoping that didn’t end up in your spam mail. Thanks, Wendy

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