Summer 2012 Highlights and Fall Goals

Whoa, where did summer go? I looked at my phone this morning and it said it was September 5th already. SERIOUSLY?! This summer flew by and while I can’t wait for fall, which is my favorite season, I’m a little sad that summer 2012 has come and gone.

The summer seemed to go so fast that after recapping the month of June, I forgot to do the same for July and August! So I thought I’d do a whole summer recap instead. This summer was memorable in terms of running in the heat, going on multiple mini-vacations, the Olympics, and more. Here are my favorite memories and posts:


I had set some pretty clear goals for myself this summer and really wanted to achieve them since most summers I slack on the running (I hate the heat!!!!!!!). My running goals were as follows:

Continue building mileage slowly and incrementally (sooo important for me!) 

Hover around 16 miles for my long run for awhile once I build up to that (past that has previously been my injury threshold)

Stretch so much more: Stretch every. single. day. Seriously 

Run at least 4-5 days a week; Take part in my own Kenyan Summer 

I can honestly say that I met most of those goals! I definitely could have stretched more and done more of my PT exercises for my knee, but I did end up running more than I usually do over the summer months. Here are some of my favorite running and/or racing memories:

I ran in the crazy heat (over and over and over again)

Got Ruby (my race bike) back out 

I raced the I ❤ The Tavern Tri with no recent swimming/biking training!

I tried to run on more hills

I ran the hottest race I’ve ever run (a hilly 10k in Waynesboro, VA) without ANY water (they ran out…can you believe it?)

I started my official marathon training schedule for the MCM with a half-marathon

I ran into a bear (literally!) while running

Pure Michigan’s amazingly cool, crisp weather created the perfect conditions for a great run

I fulfilled much of my Kenyan Summer running goals

I had a mysterious fainting episode while running (later turned out to be low blood sugar and triggered chronic migraines in the month of August)

I ran 15 miles on the treadmill with a migraine

I ran the somewhat hilly OrthoCarolina 10k Classic in Charlotte, NC with a friend


There were times this summer when I played hard. A little too hard. But I don’t regret taking any and all opportunities to go out with friends! My friends in Charlottesville and in towns and cities around the country are what fulfills my life. They–in addition to my family and of course the bf–make my life rich and enjoyable. It truly doesn’t matter where you live, what you have, or how old you are; you can be happy if you have friends that love and support you. And it is possible to make really good friends after college. I’m almost 30 and I have just as many friends who love to go out and do things as I did in college 🙂

The summer started out with a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend in D.C.

A large group of Cville friends did what the locals do in the summer: drink tons of wine, picnic, and dance. One memorial social outing was the Starry Nights at Veritas Vineyard. 

We celebrated a friend’s birthday at the Pink Ribbon Polo Classic at King Family Vineyards

I celebrated the Fourth of July with friends in Cville 

I went out late with friends (which at times impeded my running efforts) 

I saw Pretty Lights–which was like a big rave–in concert

I celebrated a bride-to-be friend at her bachelorette weekend at the beach


This was the summer of the mini-vacation. I didn’t really go anywhere for a long period of time, but rather had a few long-weekend trips.

I went on a camping/beach trip to the Outer Banks with the bf

I had a lovely time back in Michigan with my family for my cousin’s wedding

The bf and I visited some friends in Charlotte and Greenville, NC


It was the Summer of the Crop Top

Like last summer, I did another Bitch Stole My Look: Graphic Print Dress

I dug the retro vibe in “Where’s My Toucan” Vintage-Inspired Swimsuits


I totally got into the Olympics! 

I doted on my little frenchie girl Sophie

I snacked my way through the summer

I saw the POTUS in person

I reflected on what it’s like to be a fourth year PhD student

Obviously there was so much more to my summer that I didn’t document on the blog, but that was it in a nutshell!

What was your favorite summer memory? 

Are you excited for fall or bummed that summer is over? 

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14 Responses to Summer 2012 Highlights and Fall Goals

  1. you have had one killler summer!

  2. You are so cute and fashionable. I need to take you shopping with me. and to put this MCM race behind me! Bring it on! 🙂

  3. Melissa says:

    Looks and sounds like a great summer, full of awesome memories. Congrats on meeting your goals! 🙂 I am so excited for Fall!!

  4. julie says:

    This summer has been a blast but I feel like I’ve been pulled in a million directions!
    Fall is my favorite season too… and I’m hoping to get to slow down a little bit to enjoy it.

  5. love this post! You definitely had a rockin’ summer. I need your advice on what to buy for the fall so I can be in style. haha (seriously though, I have no idea of what to buy)

  6. What an AWESOME summer with the greatest people! Loveee all of your outfits, they are absolutely adorable. Please come be my own personal styler!! 🙂

  7. jumpeatrun says:

    Looks like you had a great summer!! I am right with you on the running in the heat- HATE IT! SOOOOOO excited for fall- doesn’t quite feel like it’s here yet though! Come on cooler temps!

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