Recovery and Start of Another Week

Good morning my bloggy blog friends (dunno why, but I always think to write that but never do…so this morning I DID! πŸ™‚ ) Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend full of end-of-summer festivities! I got back from my bachelorette party in Dewey Beach, DE yesterday and have been recovering ever since.

I didn’t make it into my office this morning until 10am. Whoopsies! Coffee is a must. I’m meeting with some prospective PhD students to warn them give them all the info they need about UVa, our department, and life as a doctoral student so I can’t look like a half drugged out lunatic in the morning like I usually do πŸ˜‰

These past few weeks have been heavy on the work and play (with an emphasis on the play) and I feel like I have been majorly sleep deprived since right before I went to Greenville, SC the week before last. It was all worth it, but I really need to catch up on sleep this week. I’m not traveling anywhere this weekend and really need to use it to recharge my batteries before I go with the bf to Madison, WI (to visit my alma mater!!!) and travel for multiple weddings in the upcoming month.

Our football tix came in the mail!!!

This is the strangest/funniest cartoon. This is what I feel like, hopefully not look like!

Here is what’s on tap for this shortened week (can you believe it’s already TUESDAY??!):

  • I’ve got a 20 mile “training race” coming up in a mere 13 days. Freak out may now commence. EEEEEeeeeeek. I’m really only up to 16 or 17 miles and I basically took off the last 5 days from any type of exercise at all. My knees have been hurting since the 10k race in Charlotte and I didn’t have any time at all to run over the weekend, which is too bad because I love running at the beach! I’m going to try to get in a 16 mile run tomorrow, but it will have to be on the treadmill (damn it to hell WHY). It’s been literally like a swamp outside. So freaking humid and hot. The low temps this week will only get to the mid 70s and I can’t risk another fainting episode/migraine attack
  • My little Sophie girl has to have surgery to remove a cyst on her tail. While it’s not a huge medical problem, there are risks associated with putting her to sleep because she is a brachycephalic (read: smushed face) dog. I’ve been nervous about it and I know I’ll be a mess until it is all over
  • Work, work, work. What else is new?
  • Tonight a group of my friends are having our fantasy football draft. I’m a HUGE college football fan but sadly don’t know a ton about professional football. I’m going to have to do some research between now and then!
  • SLEEP! My goal for the week is to sleep an average of 8 hours a night. That is a really big goal for me since I usually only get 6 hours a night.
  • Since I missed Uva’s first football game last weekend, I’ll definitely be going this Saturday when we play Penn State. Football tailgating here is so different than University of Wisconsin and University of Michigan. Everyone gets dressed up (I’ve posted about my past UVa football experiences here and hereΒ and my love for college football here)

Too. Much. On. My. Plate

Somehow I kinda thrive that way. Well, until I crash. So we’ll see how this goes this week. I’m giving myself a whole 30 minutes to read my favorite blogs this afternoon. OH GOODY!

What was the most enjoyable thing you did this past Labor Day weekend? (can be anything from eating, sitting on couch, football, going out, running…)

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27 Responses to Recovery and Start of Another Week

  1. jumpeatrun says:

    Good luck with everything you have going on! Deep breath- you will get through πŸ™‚
    And, don’t stress too much about the running. Training is meant to be flexible and everyone misses runs once in a while. I never did a long run last week, but managed to pull out a 16 miler this weekend. You can do it!!

  2. runninghaiku says:

    I miss Dewey Beach! Next year my goal is work on the long distance like you are. I’m impressed! You’ll barely notice the extra miles and will do great.

  3. julie says:

    Very jealous of your weekend, but not jealous of your schedule! I’m hoping to catch up on some sleep this week too… Nap buddies.

    Be sure to take care of yourself!

  4. Tired just reading this! Have a good run this week!!

  5. Looks like so much fun, I seriously love your style.

  6. That’s a busy week! I like your sleep goals– that always makes busy weeks go sooo much better. Sitting on the beach was my favorite part of Labor Day wknd…I’m trying to squeeze every last bit out of summer!

  7. Looks like a fun weekend you had as well! πŸ™‚ Good luck on your 16 mile tmill run…it can be daunting but you’re right…you don’t wanna risk the migraine/fainting stuff…scary! Sleep is goooooddd…I hope you get at least 7 hours a night. πŸ˜‰ I hope your knees feel better…it’s probably good you didn’t run this weekend so it gives them a break and then you’ll be more fresh for your longer runs. Don’t sweat the 20 mile training totally have’ve done that mileage doubt in my mind you can do it. Good luck with your busy week!

  8. I’m trying to get student tickets for the UTEP game! I went to the first game this past weekend and loved every second of it. Now that I’ve graduated it felt so different to be there as an alum but so amazing. Bachelorette party looks like a blast πŸ™‚

  9. You’ll do fine with your run, I totally have faith in you!

    Poor Sophie! Make sure you buy her a special treat for when it’s over;) I saw pupcakes at our market and wished I could buy one for a dog. Geek, I know. lol!

  10. I know how it feels to run on treadmills for a long distance, but it’ll be over before you know it (if you watch tv, or read a magazine or two that is lol). Take it easy though with your knee hunnie, would HATE for any injury to occur.

    I’m sorry to tell you this, but on Saturday we may or may not be able to be friends through blogging… being a Penn State fan and all πŸ™‚ haha.

    • So I have to tell you that I did my run today and ended up going 17.3 miles! And hope this isn’t creepy…but I kept thinking about your comment! I’d say to myself, “Jessie says it’ll be over before I know it” And it was!!!!!! Thank you πŸ™‚

      And don’t worry about becoming football frenemies. I’m actually not really a UVa fan. I’d much rather a Big Ten team win! But when Michigan or Wisconsin plays PSU, we might have a problem πŸ˜‰

    • Awe girl.. that’s no creepy at all!! It makes me smile πŸ™‚ Boo, wish we lived closer (you know, like not an ocean apart haha) so we could hang out!!!

      Ha Ha well ok. and i don’t think psu plays either one of them until al ittle later in the season so were good for now!

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  12. I went on a backpacking trip for Labor Day, which was amazing! We got to sleep under the stars next to a beautiful river. I miss it already! I’m super excited for Football season. Go Bears!!!

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