Running 15 Miles With A Migraine

On the treadmill no less! It was definitely a first for me (running with a migraine, not running 15 miles on a TM πŸ™‚ )

I know I say this all the time, but seriously you guys are the absolute best. I have gotten nothing but supportive and helpful comments and they help SOOOOOOOO much. Β I used to feel more isolated and lonely before I started blogging and I’ve realized that I am not alone. The fact that you guys take even a minute out of your day to read about my (mostly frivolous) life and health issues means so much to me. I feel like I have all of these friends that I have never even met πŸ™‚ Dealing with this migraine, for instance, has been so much easier because I can rant and rave on here and then you guys write such lovely comments.

While writing a blog has undoubtedly been cathartic, reading your blogs is what I find the most enjoyable. I just wish I had more time to read and comment on every single one of your blogs every day. Can I just be a professional blog reader when I “grow up”? Please? I’d be so good at it!!!! Not to mention it would make me sooooooo happy πŸ™‚

Things on the health front haven’t changed much. I still feel a bit nauseous and dizzy, but my doctors think it is because my neck muscles are so tight that they pinch the nerves in the back of my head and cause migraine pain and symptoms. The fancy name for this is “Occipital neuralgia“. Lucky me! πŸ˜‰ Seriously, humor is the only thing getting me out of bed every day.

Well, humor and RUNNING! Moderate running really helps. When I’m running (anywhere up to 9 miles) I feel almost back to normal. No nausea, no headache pain. The problem comes at about miles 9 and 10. We don’t really know why, but my hypothesis is that as I tire out the farther I run, my form suffers and perhaps I start to tense up more (hunch my shoulders? Although it doesn’t feel like I am doing that…). But I knew I had to suck it up eventually because I didn’t want my great training from the past 8 weeks to suffer. I was going to run outside yesterday morning, but was still too nervous to go alone, less I have another “episode”. So I went to the gym and knocked off 15 miles on the TM.

I made it 10.8 feeling pretty good, just mild nausea at mile 9+. Then I had to stop to go to the bathroom at 10.8. By the time I got back, the TM had reset. I usually get really angry if this happens because mentally it’s tough to see the mileage numbers go back to 0, but I told myself that I only had a little over 4 miles to go. And the nausea actually went away, so stopping actually ended up helping!

For a total of 15 miles. I went really slow and listened mostly to instrumental/classical music because I’m really sensitive to sound right now. Oh, and I tried a new GU, the Island Nectors one. Eh, it was okay. I like the word “nector” though πŸ˜‰

Because I’ve been feeling so crappy, I decided to purchase a new running hat. It didn’t help my headache any but it did make me a bit happier! How cool is this pic with the mirrors?

And it was time to pull out some new kicks from my stockpile of 2160s (I haven’t even had to wear the 2170s yet because I bought tons of 2160s when they were on sale). These are neon green and I love love them

I’ve never been one to really care about how my running shoes look, as long as they are the right shoes for my foot/gait and they work. But now I think I might need pretty and/or neon colors from now on!!!

Not sure if anyone else runs to instrumental/classical music, but yesterday was definitely a first for me. And I really enjoyed it! I find that running can pump you up/be intense OR it can be contemplative/relaxing. I think the right instrumental music can actually help accomplish either goal! Here is part of my playlist from yesterday. You’ll see there are a lot of movie soundtrack/themes on there that are really beautiful. Oooh and my advice is to end with the Overture from Robin Hood!

So I’ll wrap this up by saying that although my headache persists, I am relieved that I got my long run out of the way for the week (even if it was on the TM) and have high hopes for feeling better soon! Hope all of you have a FUN and RELAXING weekend (no Olympics….what are we going to do?????? πŸ˜‰ )

Do you run to classical or instrumental music?

What color are your running shoes (random question, I know, but I thought it’d be interesting to see what colors are out there!)?

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12 Responses to Running 15 Miles With A Migraine

  1. Yay! Good job on your 15 miler! Running that many miles on the treadmill I’m sure is no easy feat! Props to you!! Have a great weekend girl!

  2. great job on your run! You killed it, especially with a migrane!
    I like classical music if I’m just chilling, but I don’t listen to any music while I run. I find it distracts me a lot and I can never find a song I like enough. I’m wierd, I know πŸ™‚

  3. seriously i don’t know how you do it when you feel so bad! Good for you! I could never survive.

  4. Melissa says:

    I’m happy you got your run in but sad about your migraine, 😦 I hope this clears up soon for you! That’s gotta be so frustrating and uncomfortable! Love the hat and shoes girl! You’d love the band Hammock (think instrumental pearl jam)…we put it on every night before bed…awesome music! πŸ™‚ have a great night!

  5. eatpraytri says:

    I am down to be a professional blog reader/commenter as well. Lets find a sponsor and start a company and be President and CEO. You in?

  6. FitNjess says:

    Sounds like an awesome run girl! Love the shoe laces..lately I am into anything neon!!

  7. jumpeatrun says:

    Nice job!! I hate the TM, so have no idea how you can run that far on it! Color me impressed πŸ™‚
    My last two pairs of shoes were neon yellow, then neon salmon (not really a color, but thats what it looks like!). But, my current ones are silver and purple-ish blue.
    I want to be a pro blogger/reader too!

  8. nerdthatruns says:

    awesome! 15 on the a treadmill! Max i’ve done on the TM is a half marathon!!

  9. Sorry y’all still can’t figure out the main cause of your headaches, but great job on knocking out 15 miles girl. You are awesome!

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