The 2012 London Olympics Are Over; Time For The Real Awards

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for the wonderful advice and words of support on my last post. The mystery health issue persists, although I am putting the pieces together and really hope to feel better this week. I’ll go into more detail about that tomorrow, but first a more light-hearted post.

I watched more of the London Olympics than I have of any previous Olympic games. I was really fascinated by the stories and the feats of athleticism. So now that it is over, I am a bit bummed out. What will I watch tonight???? As a way to recap my favorite moments of the Games, here are my awards…

Biggest Upset

David Boudia. One of the best endings of the games (well it was close to the end…Meg Keflezighi coming in 4th at the marathon was also pretty darn awesome) was Boudia coming from behind to beat heavily favored Chinese diver Qiu Bo and claim the gold. So unexpected but so satisfying! A bonus? He’s not hard on the eyes 😉

Most bratty/stuck-up

McKayla Maroney. Yea, we heard. She’s a “state of the art” vaulter. Best in the world. But as with all sports, if you don’t bring your A-game on the day then that really means nothing. She still got silver but acted ungrateful. True, she’s super young and this is a good learning experience, but seriously? SERIOUSLY? On the other hand, these memes are great.

Most inspiring

Oscar Pistorius. I think we’ve all heard this story ad nauseum. But still Pistorius inspires.

Manteo Mitchell broke his leg while running his segment of the 4×400 heat but pushed through it and was able to successfully hand off the baton (ensuring the U.S. would make it to the finals). Geez, that’s mind over matter right there.

Best Effort

I had such high hopes for Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan in the marathon, but knew deep down that they were up against some runners who have set PRs that were unattainable for them. I was also somewhat pissed at how awful the Olympic Marathon course was. It had something like over 100 turns and 2 U-turns. If you’ve ever run a marathon, you know that all those turns are really hard on your body. Plus it was rainy and wet. But these ladies battled through the nasty weather and gawd-awful course to finish. And we couldn’t be prouder.

Best Celebration Dance(s)

These make me smile 🙂

Misty May-Treanor

Serena Williams

Most Overrated

Ryan Lochte. Oye Lochte. I hate to say this about anyone, but he is a tool. I just can’t stand to see/hear him on TV because he’s not the brightest bulb. Do we really want this representing the U.S.? Plus, he purposely hyped himself up before the Olympics so that he would get a ton of endorsements but then failed to really deliver.

Most Underrated

By this I’m talking about those athletes who got little to no TV coverage from NBC (as compared to Missy Franklin, Phelps, etc). These guys deserved MORE credit and MORE exposure!!!

Ashton Eaton-winning the decathlon arguably makes him the most athletic man at the Olympics and in the world. That event is so grueling and Eaton didn’t just win. He killed it. I feel like NBC didn’t pay enough attention to him.  Time Magazine questions whether Eaton or Bolt deserves the “world’s greatest athlete” honor.

Ross and Kessy-love these two! They beat the Brazilians (a major upset) and made it to the gold medal game, but NBC really only talked about May-Treanor and Walsh Jennings. I feel like these ladies got the shaft.

Biggest Nail biting Moment

U.S. Women’s Soccer. No real explanation needed here. Alex Morgan’s header in injury time to beat Canada in the semis is already legendary.

Person I most relate to

Aly Raisman. Isn’t she lucky to win this award 😉 No really, I’m not sure why I relate to her. She just seemed more mature and composed than her teammates.

Pure Happiness Moment(s)

Mo Farrah winning both 5,000 and 10,000 meter races. I already talked about the 10,000 last week, but W-O-W. Plus, Galen Rupp came in 2nd! USA is really on the up and up in track events! When Farrah also won the 5,000 it was like the icing on the cake and I was soooo very happy for him.

Most Heartbreaking Moment

Morgan Uceny. Watching this seriously hurt my heart. I literally gasped when I saw it. Uceny was tripped during the 1500 in Bejing four years ago and was out for redemption. She was heavily favored this year but sadly history repeated itself and she was unable to finish the race. After falling she was so distraught that I almost cried for her.

Most artistic/beautiful performance

Any of the rhythmic gymnastics. Did you see that event? WOW. So beautiful, graceful, and athletic (major hand-eye coordination needed!)

Athlete I got most tired of hearing about

Missy Franklin. It was just too much. Allyson Felix won 3 golds and set 2 WR but still it was all about this teen. She’s great at backstroke, don’t get me wrong. I just like the love to be spread around.

Athlete Who Looks Most Effortless While Trying Their Hardest

Allyson Felix. Did you see her run? She’ll be at an all-out balls to the wall effort and her face is so relaxed. It looks like she is lying on a beach, not busting her butt to win the 200m, the 4×100 and 4x400m relays.

Ms./Mr. Congeniality

Sam Mikulak. This could be one of my absolute favorite moments of the Olympics caught on TV. Did you see this? After performing on the Vault in the individual event, Sam Mikulak was caught on camera exclaiming, “I wanna see this guy RAGE!”, in reference to South Korea’s heavily favored and world-renowned vaulter Yan Hak Seon. Then after    Seon completed his vaults, Mikulak called him over and in such a happy-go-lucky way said, “Give me a hug, that was awesome!” (as seen below).   When my bf and I saw that we laughed for a good 30 minutes. It was awesome (what a sport!) but also funny 🙂

Poor Sportsmanship

The four badminton teams who played to lose.

The top-seeded women’s badminton pair from China, two pairs from South Korea and one from Indonesia were disqualified from the Olympics after they intentionally lost their matches in order to secure a more favorable draw in the quarterfinal

Most Awe-Inspiring Performance

Did you see this? It was A-mazing. “The Flying Dutchman” Epke Zonderland of the Netherlands performed three back-to-back releases on the high bar–the hardest maneuver in the world on that apparatus– and earned gold. Crazy good.

Sport Other Than Swimming That Seemed Like It Would Never End

Diving. It was one of the very first sports of the Olympics and it lasted the whole duration, ending with Boudia’s win on the eve of the second to last day. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed watching many of the diving events! It just seemed to last forever. Oh, and the “faces of the divers” that has been making its rounds on social media is hilarious.

Biggest Stride Made for Women

Women’s boxing. This was the first time women’s boxing was an Olympic sport and it produced memorable champions, including Claressa Shields, the 17-year-old middleweight with the vicious right hand who established herself as the future of the sport.

Closest Degree of Separation to a Gold Medal

One. I went to high school with Betsey Armstrong, goal keeper for the women’s water polo team, and am Facebook friends with her 🙂

Sport I Never Even Knew Existed In The Olympics Til I Wrote This Post

Modern Pentathlon. Can you name the five sports that comprise the modern pentathlon? Ok, here’s a hint:

Pistol Shooting



Riding (show jumping)

Cross-country Run

You thought I was going to get through this whole thing without mentioning Usain Bolt? He’s in a world all his own, so I’m gonna leave y’all with this.

Yea. Superhuman.

What was your favorite moment of the Games? 

Whose performance most surprised/satisfied you? 

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15 Responses to The 2012 London Olympics Are Over; Time For The Real Awards

  1. Melissa says:

    Nice post Claire! I agree with a lot of it. I think Eaton is the best athlete…one of the things I follow on twitter asked that ? And said bolt or phelps and I replied w Eaton! Lol I was bummed about Desi and felt she barely got any coverage (even tho she had to drop out…she placed 2nd in trials and Boston but the focus was all on Kara and shalane..who I adore but wished It was equal). Although the history and back stories are good..I feel like they should put it on another channel and show more of the actual games during prime time. Way too much diving and swimming and that got a bit tiring. I really liked Aly too..she was captain too which is prolly due to her level of maturity and composure. 🙂 I think bolt is crazy fast (obviously) but he is too cocky for my liking…confidence is great, cockiness is not, lol. PS-those diving faces r hilarious! 😉

  2. This is great! I love reading all of your picks. I have to say I enjoyed watching the female 4 X 100 race where they broke the world record the best. I wish I could have seen the closing ceremonies but I haven’t yet. Love the celebration volleyball dance.

  3. I totally agree about Ashton! He needs a little more recognition for how awesome he is! Also – what you said about Ryan Lochte reminds me of how I feel about Nick Symmonds – blah!

  4. Nice recap! I loved watching Kara and Shalene during the women’s marathon.

  5. I think one of my favorite moments (haha, i cant pick just one!) was the women’s 4×100 relay. They did so well AND got a world record! It was awesome, and just highlighted the strength of female athletes everywhere! Also the men’s marathon, to see Uganda get their second medal ever!

  6. Caroline says:

    Wow, I love this post!! You summed up the Olympics perfectly. I love/feel like I can relate to Aly, too! I thought maybe that was because she was from the town next to where I grew up. But you’re right, there is definitely a level of maturity that isn’t there for her teammates.

  7. eatpraytri says:

    ummm ok..this is my favorite post of this whole week. I spent to much time reading it though and now I don’t have enough time to comment to say all the things i want to say. I love it thought! thanks for putting it together…I agree with you on all of it!

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