Bitch Stole My Look: Graphic Print Dress

The blog has been pretty much dominated by running lately, and that’s ok by me, but I also want to stay true to the theme of the blog, which is to live fully and passionately in all aspects of life: fitness, food, fashion, friends, traveling, etc. So here’s a quick reprieve from the running.

I haven’t done such a close recreation of an outfit since my last “bitch stole my look” last summer. I have been waiting FOREVER to wear this dress that I saw Guilana Rancic wear on E News! in May.

Dress; Garden Floral Dress in Surf Green @ Ann Taylor (on sale for $79); Heels: BCBG (outlet find, $119)

The dress is from Ann Taylor’s late spring collection and while I am not as skinny-minnie as Guliana, I had coveted the dress because the print was so much fun and it had a flattering fit (hard to tell in the picture above, but it has a high-low hem…we know how much I loved those last summer as seen here and here). The only thing I didn’t like about Guliana’s look? I think her hair was a bit much with the print of the dress. The dress is pretty loud, so I chose to wear my hair back.

I had my eye on the dress for a few months but didn’t want to pay full price, which was over $200. Then I found it on the sale rack in a size 2 petite, which fit perfectly! As you can see, my 5’8” body is far from “petite”, however in stores like Ann Taylor and Banana Republic, I can wear the petite sizes (and they usually fit better).

This graphic print trend came on pretty strong during the late winter and spring collections and will be carried through this Fall with larger geometric shapes and juxtaposed scenes


Here are some fun ways to rock this trend

1. Elle Tahari Ginny Dress ($478 Shopbop). This dress is so much fun! It mixes different materials, prints, and colors. At first I thought it looked too mismatched, but then I really liked the combinations and thought it looked modern.

2. Diane von Furstenberg  Margaux Dress ($375 Shopbop). For a more toned down version of graphic prints, this silk jersey DVF dress is perfect. Plus, it has a slight drop waist, which is another huge trend for fall!

4. Francesca’s One World Dress ($44 Francesca’s). Here’s a more affordable option that offers a really graphic print and an a-line fit.

5. Quilted Paisley Print Dress ($91.14 Asos). I am absolute in love with this dress and it is on my shopping list for fall.

6.   Tarnish Plate Clutch ($98 Nordstrom) and Zigzag patterned Bangle Set ($8.80 Forever 21). If you don’t want to go all out and done a graphic print dress or outfit, you can incorporate graphic accessories, like the clutch or bangles below

Edited to include: So weird! After writing this post I went over to J’s Everyday Fashion and saw that she is highlighting mirrored graphic prints today 🙂

Have you coveted a dress/outfit/shoes (or running gear…whatever) for awhile and waited for it to go on sale? Did you get it?

What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten when shopping?

Are you digging the graphic print trend?

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18 Responses to Bitch Stole My Look: Graphic Print Dress

  1. You look fabulous! Glad you were able to get it on sale. I usually wait for things to go on sale if they are what I consider “not worth that full price.” lol I’ve gotten some great deals at a JCrew outlet that I used to live 15 minutes from…dangerous! I would rather spend my money on workout gear than normal clothes but I do need to restock my normal everyday wardrobe soon…your post gave me some ideas! 😉

  2. I love that dress on you! So cute!!

  3. Ok you look way better in the dress. Just saying. All those dresses I was googly eyed for. Want them all.

  4. Kailey says:

    You pull off the dress better. Hands Down. Can’t stand Guliana Rancic…

  5. I agree, you pull it off much better.

  6. I just want to send this into one of the gossip magazines so people can vote.. you’d hands down win though of course 🙂 Love it, and you look adorable!

  7. katiemoves says:

    so so so cute! laughed at the Bitch stole my look thing! fashion police is hilarious! I actually just waited for cycling clothing to go on sale at lulu and it worked! got my stuff 🙂

  8. not sure if you got this one yet but of course I had to nominate my twin….check it out…

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