Olympic Running: Men’s 10,000 M and Women’s Marathon!

This happened this morning while watching the women’s marathon

That darn course was so tough! Why did the Olympic organizers create a course with over 100 turns???? And the weather didn’t cooperate. Neither Kara nor Shalane won a meddle, but they still did great. And I have high hopes for Ryan Hall next week!

But did you see the 10,000m men’s run yesterday?

DAMN, that was a good race. I’m so happy for Mo and for Galen! It was amazing that they were able to execute their strategy to protect each other during the race and then got first and second πŸ™‚

My mid-distance weekly run on Thursday actually went pretty well even though I’ve been having some GI probs as of late. I ended up going 11 miles instead of my planned 9. Whoops! I’ll have to see if my legs feel more tired during my 15 miler tomorrow.

Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

Did you watch the Olympic women’s marathon? Men’s 10k?


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13 Responses to Olympic Running: Men’s 10,000 M and Women’s Marathon!

  1. The 10,000 was insane! I was so happy for Galen and it was great Mo was able to be victorious for his country. The marathon was super tough…between the course and the downpour…those women had extra challenges to face. I thought they did great but you could tell they were disappointed but I loved how they were walking with their arms around each other, supporting each other and being their as friends and teammates together. My heart broke for Desi though. I can totally see her coming back for redemption in 2016!

  2. I know! the men’s race was freaking amazing to watch, I was in awe. these kind of events make me love running even more.

  3. Watched both. Was bummed about Kara & Shalane not placing, but they still did awesome. Even though neither one of them got Gold, I was so happy for the Ethopian. She did awesome, and deserved to win! ((even made me tear up haha))

  4. I watched both! The 10k was fantastic! It’s really great to see that Mo and Galen still supported each other, despite being on separate teams! And the marathon was also a good race! It def didn’t go as planned for Desi, Shalane or Kara, but I still maintain that we had a really strong team. I’m excited for 2016! And who knows maybe i’ll be there too? πŸ˜‰

  5. Yay for the Olympics! πŸ™‚

  6. The Olympics are so fun! And super addicting. I LOVED the mens 10K, what an awesome ending!

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