Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you, thank you to both Melissa @ Run Scoots Run  and Lish @ Jump Eat Run  for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award!!!! I was already psyched that it was Friday and this is like the cherry on top 🙂 Head on over to their fab blogs, m’kay?

Here are the rules for the award:

  1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and post it in your post
  2. Thank the person who nominated you & link back to their blog
  3. Tell all of us 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate 7 other bloggers & comment on their page to let them know

Hmm, 7 things about myself (I had trouble with this last time with the One Lovely Blog Pink Tree Award!)

1. You all know that I am a twin already. But what you don’t know is that we love to travel together (As I’ve already posted, I have crazy Wanderlust). We’ve been on a backpacking/rafting trip through Costa Rica and a backpacking trip across Europe. Twice! She’s hands down my favorite person to travel with Get ready for the pics…

Costa Rica

Homestay with a Costa Rican family in the middle of the rainforest




Cinque Terre

Lake Como


2. I love any reason to wear a costume or a wig. It’s so fun to be or look like someone different for a night 🙂

It’s Halloween? Time for a wig!!

3. I grew up playing basketball and soccer NOT running. I love soccer (and continued to play up until I got hurt last summer), but bball was my #1

Where’s Waldo: Can you spot Sophie in this picture?

4. When I was young, my family took a trip out west every summer. We’d visit a different national park every year (Yellowstone, Glacier, Zion,  Yosemite, Banff/Jasper in the Canadian Rockies) and we’d stay on a ranch and go horseback riding and hiking. Those trips were great

5. I’m kind of addicted to taking jumping pictures. See for yourself!

6. One of the most fun races I’ve ever done was the Santa Speedo Run for charity in Boston. Half naked runners in 20 degrees weather? Just plain fun 😉

7. I had blonde hair for 2 years during college…well, the blondest I’ve ever been.  Let’s just say that my hair is very different now (I just had it done two days ago and will do a post this weekend)

There you have it! I had to pull some pics out of the ole vault 🙂

Here are 7 more Beautiful Bloggers:

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Have a fantastic weekend!!!!

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19 Responses to Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Ha, I love those pictures. You always have a huge smile on your face!

  2. katiemoves says:

    wow you have done some awesome traveling! i would love to get out west and see some of those places…i’ve pretty much been an east coaster all my life! i also grew up NOT running! all my activities had running in them, but not the main point

  3. I played basketball too. I was obsessed. I played year round until I graduated from high school. I must have burnt out on it because I haven’t wanted to play since then!

  4. Thanks!!! Aww, you just made my weekend:D
    I loved this post, so many fun photos in it!

  5. The race in your undies looks like a lot of fun! LOL Congrats on the award!!

  6. Melissa says:

    Wow, so many cool places you’ve been too! It’s awesome your sister is your traveling buddy too! 🙂 that 1/2 naked race looks fun lol! What position did you play in soccer? I was goalie then played striker. Family trips are the best! 🙂 have an awesome weekend!

  7. Thanks for the nomination!!! Awesome!

    Your photos are awesome and you’ve been to some really cool places, I want to go to Costa Rico SO badly!

  8. Love all these pictures! My family & I would go on vacations out west too. The scenery there really is beautiful. That race looks like sooo much fun.

    Have a great weekend girl 🙂

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  10. jumpeatrun says:

    Yay! Loved reading your answers and double loved all the travel pics of you and your sis. Totally makes me wish I had a twin 😉
    ps…also love the U of M sweatshirt in the old school childhood pic!

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