Don’t Try This At Home

Good Monday morning, friends! Hope you had a great weekend and were able to follow some exciting Olympics action (what about the drama yesterday with the women’s gymnastics team? DRAMA! Love it)

My weekend was packed full of doing what I love best: Eating, sleeping, going out with friends, and yes running. I had my mid-distance weekly run scheduled for Saturday morning (exactly one week after my last mid-distance 8 miler in Michigan and 3 days after my not-so-stellar 13 miler). I got everything ready to get up at 6am and get my run in before the temps hit the 90s. But when my alarm went off all I wanted to do was this

So sleep I did. And it was glorious. The only problem was, when I woke up I had this run hanging over my head. I’ve been really good this summer at not skipping my runs too much (if I’m not injured) and keeping to my schedule, so I had some decisions to make. Should I go to the gym and run on the TM? Should I try to wait until it was cooler out in the evening? Should I go Sunday early morning? Unfortunately I had reasons for why each of those wouldn’t work: 1) I just didn’t feel like running on the TM (??!?! I know, right? I usually love to!), 2) Couldn’t run in the evening because the weather was calling for storms, and 3) I had plans to go out Saturday night with my friends so I would most likely be hungover Sunday (had to be honest with myself!). So what’s a girl to do?

The smart choice would’ve been to hightail my heinie to the gym and run on the TM. Get the run out of the way before the SkinnyGirl Margaritas started flowing (scratch that: the smart choice would’ve been to get up on Saturday morning when my alarm went off!!!). But I am not the best decision maker like to live dangerously. It was only a 8 mile run, right? That’s just a little over an hour of running. I could definitely eeek that out after a late night of drinking. Right? eeerrr, right??

Let me interject here and say that Saturday night was a ton of fun. There’s a bar in Cville that never used to be that much fun but now they have a dj that rocks some old school jams so lately it’s been crazy.

And then this happened…

Just one of those “I didn’t plan it, but had an awesome time and am soooo happy that I am still somewhat young, not married, no kids, can take advantage of the years I have left to do this kind of thing and have a group of friends who are in the same situation” kind of night. You ever have those? (even if you are married with kids, like many of my friends who, like me, are approaching the dreaded 3-0….it’s more of like a feeling, ya know?)

So when I got home–after drinking too much and eating (GASP!) a Wendy’s chicken sandwich meal, which I’m sure tasted like cardboard at the time–I realized I only had 4 hours to sleep if I wanted to get up to get my run in. Coming off the high of the night, I thought to myself “no problem, I can do this!!!!!”

4 Hours Later

Why couldn’t I have just gotten up on Saturday morning???? The thought of scrapping the run altogether almost kept me in bed. Almost (I’ll explain how I overcame it in tomorrow’s post). I got myself up, blared some music (sorry Mitch!), and left the house before I could fall asleep. I drove a few miles to where I like to start some of my runs and then…

Just wanted to “rest” for a minute. The sun felt so good…..NO! Claire, get up!

So I got up and did what any normal, sane hungover person would do who had gotten 4 hours of sleep. I made shadow figures πŸ˜‰

I probably took a good 20 minutes delaying the start of my run. It was only 8 miles, while was I being such a flake about it??? So finally I started. The first mile was brutal. Keeping my 2-mile rule in mind, I toughed it out and the run slowly got better. And the morning was beautiful. 68 degrees, low humidity, and sunny. I snapped some pics on my run to take my mind off my hangover

And when all was said and done? 8.5 miles. Half a mile longer than what I initially planned to run.Β 

It wasn’t the bet or fastest run ever, but I reminded myself that 85% of my runs should be easy, slow runs anyways (read Janae’s post about this, she is the best!!!) Booo YAH!

What got me through (other than my sheer determination):

1. Strawberry Lemonade Nuun. I’ve mentioned before that Gatorade makes me nauseous on runs because it has too much sugar for my tummy (especially if I take it on a run where I have already taken GUs–not with the GUs, but later in the run). I’ve heard so much about Nuun so I decided to check it out. It only has 4 calories and no sugar, but tons of electrolytes. I liked it for the most part! The only thing I didn’t like? How it was still fizzy. I can see how that could give my sensitive stomach some issues (anyone know of any sports drink with little to no sugar that isn’t fizzy???)Β 

2. The thought of this juicy, cold watermelon waiting for me at home. The perfect post run treat (especially when paired with Greek yogurt for protein!). Random info for the day: ever wondered what happened to watermelon seeds? Check this out!

3. And some new tunes, including these (check out my post tomorrow for a full new playlist! πŸ™‚ )

Pass Out by Tinie Tempah

Back to Life by Sean Kingston feat T.I.

Spread a Little Love by Havana Brown

Ever run hungover? Or had to push through a run for some reason or another (little sleep, sick, etc)?

PLEASE help me. What can I drink (in addition to water) that has electrolytes but low or no sugar and isn’t fizzy???

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19 Responses to Don’t Try This At Home

  1. Congrats, you really toughed it out. I hate those moments where you want to kick yourself for not doing it earlier, but good newes you did it! I would totally have gotten watermelon as a reward too.

  2. Melissa says:

    LOL you’re too funny girl. So glad you had a blast and sometimes we just need some extra zzz’s! I had a busy weekend and I ended up cutting my usual long run down to just 9 miles because I was out of it…but oh well…like goes on, right?! Hehe. It’s definitely nice not having too many responsibilities…I am married but I don’t have kids yet so my hubby and I are just trying to enjoy each other before we reallyy settle down. Congrats on getting your tushie out there and runnig your 8.5! That’s commitment right there, hehe. Hope you have a great day! πŸ™‚

  3. You are a rockstar! I also dig your taste in music πŸ™‚ I love smart water, I like nuun but haven’t found a flavor that I’ve loved yet, I will try the strawberry lemonade one! Watermelon after a run is the BEST!

  4. haha i struggle with this almost every weekend! A morning long run after a night out is super tough, so I try to minimize it. Good for you for actually getting out there!

  5. Ha Ha, you crack me up. Glad you toughed it out, and got in the run + a little more. Oh & I lovee your dress. It’s too adorable!! Oh & yes running with a hangover, or just after a night of barely any rest can be brutal… especially the first couple miles. I swear my body would intentionally try to break me down in all ways!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I use Ultimate Replenisher. It has electrolytes, no sugar and not fizzy. It is a powder that you just add to your water. I like the lemon the best but all of the favors taste good.

  7. I’m the same way, Claire! Fizzy drinks while running make me so nauseous. I’ve tried nuun and I thought I liked it and then a couple runs later it started making me so sick. I just saw the comment above me here, I’ll have to try that out…

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  9. jumpeatrun says:

    Great job on the run! I have actually had a couple morning runs like that- not fun!!
    I tried adding Electro-Mix to my water a couple weeks ago. It has a lemony flavor, but doesn’t fizz at all. Theres a pic in my post here:

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