Your Perfect Running Day

Close your eyes.

Envision the conditions on your perfect running day. Is it sunny? Raining? Drizzling? Is there a breeze? Is it cold? Chilly? Warm? Hot?

For me, it doesn’t get better than my 8 mile run last weekend in Michigan. 56 degrees and sunny with a low dew point (comfortable!). The only way it could have been better is if it had been partly cloudy (I like the reprieve from the sun) and maybe a little bit of breeze. But really, that’s just me being picky. It was perfect running weather.

And what do you know, I had a really good run! Michigan is relatively flat but Ann Arbor is pretty hilly so my run was actually more hilly than where I usually run in Virginia.Β 

And it doesn’t hurt that these guys were waiting to greet me when I got back πŸ™‚I was really happy that I was able to fit in the 8 miler while back at home, especially because the bear incident forced me to miss an opportunity to run 8 miles outside and had to settle on a 6 miler on the treadmill instead a few days prior.

My second week of marathon training–actually, well the past week and a half–has probably been one of the best running weeks I’ve had since February before my PR at the Colonial Half. After my last long run of 13 miles (which wrapped up my first week of marathon training), I ran two 6 milers (both on the TM) and the 8 miler in Michigan.

6 miler #1

6 miler #2

And it was all capped off with my 14 mile run today. And guess what? No bear sightings. It might be because I ran with some jingle bells that I got from Michaels craft store (a guy at the local hiking store told me to get them and if they didn’t scare a bear off, they would at least let a bear know I was coming so I wouldn’t sneak up and agitate it)

I was a-jinglin’ a-janglin’ down the road πŸ˜‰

So the run was sans bears, which = πŸ™‚ The only problem? The weather was NOT what I would consider perfect running weather. I accidentally slept in so by the time I got on the road at 8am it was super hot and humid. But I was feeling pretty good so I tried to push the nasty heat out of my mind. I got to about 8 miles before the problems started. First off, I had some bad GI issues so I had to stop multiple times to go to the bathroom (ughh hate that!). Then, I started to feel a bit nauseous, just like I did during the Alexandria Half. It was basically walk-run between miles 10 and 13. By 13.1 miles I decided to throw in the towel. It was super hot, I really wasn’t feeling well and knew that going an extra mile more wouldn’t add much to the already flawed run. So it was a slow 13.1 mile long run for the week instead of 14.

Whenever I don’t hit a mileage goal I usually get pretty down on myself and today was no exception.

All morning I felt somehow that I had failed myself. But then I reminded myself that I am coming off a kick ass running week and a half marathon distance run really wasn’t the worst thing in the world that could have happened to me.

This is how I usually talk to myself

So it’s hard for me to recognize when there actually are legitimate reasons for why I fall short of a goal. Like today’s weather and whatever the hell is going on with my body to feel so nauseous when I run farther than 10 miles.

I would usually push up my long run by 2 miles next week if I didn’t hit my weekly goal (so run 15 next week) but I’m following my slow but steady strategy this time around so it’ll be 14 miles again next week.

What are the conditions likeΒ on your perfect running day?

Are you hard on yourself if you don’t hit your running/fitness goal or can you brush it off? (if it’s the latter, please tell us how to do that!!!)

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20 Responses to Your Perfect Running Day

  1. eatpraytri says:

    well I think you did AWESOME! I would kill to be able to run 13 miles. I know it’s not what you wanted, but you still stuck with it and gave it your all and THAT is what matters. GOOD JOB!!

  2. Nice job I mean seriously. Not every run can be perfect although we do wish!

  3. Melissa says:

    GI issues really do suck…and they can almost always ruin a run (for me at least). Your perfect running weather is much like mine. If I don’t hit my goal, I am hard on myself to be honest. I’ve been trying to get better because it really isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things but I do push myself a bit harder on the next one. Great job in toughing it out…I know you’re bummed but stomach issues and nausea do not bode well for a good run. Feel better soon!

  4. My perfect running day – COLD! I love running fast to warm up!! Last year MCM was 30 something degrees, and I have to tell you it was so fabulous…I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will have similar weather this year! πŸ™‚

    As far as getting down on yourself for not meeting your mileage week or goal, I do think every run is not going to be perfect, amazing, etc. You kind of have to take the good with the bad. At the end of the day just being ABLE to lace up my shoes and getting out the door is success in itself! Having a bad run just makes you appreciate the good ones even more.

  5. Caroline says:

    Ah, the run you described sounded so nice : ) I’ve been fighting injury so I haven’t had a run like that in almost a year! I’m getting back to running now but it’s realllly hot here, which is not ideal. 50s-60s with a little sun peaking through some clouds is a perfect run for me

  6. Awesome run girl, as well as last weeks mileage. Just need to always remember that not every run is going to be perfect. I mean as much as we’d all love that, it just doesn’t happen :[

    My perfect running weather would be around 55-60 degrees with a light breeze and a little bit of drizzle.

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