23 Paws (#2): Two Frenchies Are Better Than One

Today is the 2nd 23 Paws link-up over at Eat Pray Tri

I’ve mentioned before that Sophie LOVES to go back home to Michigan with me because my parents also have a frenchie and they are best friends. Her name is Zinnie (short for Zinnia, the flower)

Like two peas in a pod

They go together like peas and carrots

Like two little smiling trouble makers

They also love to play with my little 11 month old niece (and she loves them too!)

I just can’t get enough of these two smushy little frenchies!!! Every time we go home, I vow to get another frenchie so Sophie can have a friend πŸ™‚Β If you have a pet, go link up with the 23 Paws post!!!

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12 Responses to 23 Paws (#2): Two Frenchies Are Better Than One

  1. oh my goodnes those guys are adorable!

  2. eatpraytri says:

    I LOVE these little Frenchies so much. I tell Paul that the next dog we get (I know, right??? ummm four dogs is too many right?) will be a french buldog. They just kill me with their ears and their squishy faces. “Like peas and carrots” I read that in Forrest Gumps voice. In my head. HA!
    That last pic is awesome and those tongues! πŸ™‚

  3. Aw, I want one! My one cat is about the size of them, lol. Too cute!

  4. Min says:

    So adorable! I’ve actually never seen a Frenchie in person..I guess I’ve been missing out! What neat looking dogs!!

  5. Always nice to see the kiddos and dogs playing together. Our 9 month old and the chocolate lab have figured out how belly rubs work like it’s their collective jobs.

  6. Carrie says:

    Oh my gosh, they are so adorable together. I can only imagine the cuteness if there were 3 Frenchies. So stinking cute!

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