Summer of the Crop Top

Crop tops are all the rage this summer and this is one time when the trend actually fits the season. It’s been crazy hot seemingly everywhere and the 2012 summer crop top trend is the perfect way to show a little skin without overdoing it.

The important thing to note is that this modern crop trop trend is unlike the one of the early to mid 90s

I mean, who doesn’t want to look like Kelly Kapowski (without those mom jeans!)? But the modern trend is more lady-like and here’s the kicker: It only shows a small flash of skin. To really rock the modern crop trop trend, your belly button should be covered by a high-waisted skirt or shorts and there should only be a few inches of skin showing. Here’s the trend on the runways (as taken from Fashion Imperative):

And here are some celebs

See how the belly buttons are covered up? I think it’s super cute and very 50’s-esque 🙂 Some of the most trendy crop tops fit like bandeaus with straps (see Selena Gomez or Dolce and Gabbana above). I don’t always jump on the bandwagon with every trend, but I’m really into this one this summer. I wore a black crop top with a neon midi skirt (wohhh trend mixing) earlier this summer. The black crop top is from Silence and Noice c/oUrban Outfitters on sale now for $29. Skirt is from Asos (out of stock but check back here)

And then rocked the trend again for the Death Cab for Cutie concert this past weekend.

I found this crop top at American Eagle (at all places…I think it’s the only piece I own from that store) on sale for $15. Guess those tweens didn’t know that the crop top is on trend this summer. I paired it with a super soft black skirt I got from Nordy’s. It’s an extra small skirt because it needed to fit the smallest part of my stomach up above my belly button.

The concert was so much fun…as was the bar afterwards!!!! I love my Cville friends ❤

Any summer trends you’re really digging right now?

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7 Responses to Summer of the Crop Top

  1. ok you can so rock the crop top, I love all the outfits. Super cute and not too revealing.

  2. Your outfits are super duper cute! I especially like the one you wore at Death Cab. Selena’s outfit is adorable as well! Perhaps a trip to the mall is in order, lol!

  3. eatpraytri says:

    I love DC4C so much! I have seen them twice. They are from Bellingham which is just a ways up the road from Seattle. I could listen to them all day…

  4. you definitely can pull off the crop top! I have to admit, I had no idea it was in style until you brought it to my attention;) Thank you for filling me in:)

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