Waynesboro Summer Extravaganza 10k



1. Any lavish or opulent show, event, assemblage, etc.

I wouldn’t quite call this morning’s 10k an “extravaganza” unless I was referring to the over the top sweltering weather and hilly course. It was a small, local race in Waynesboro, VA, which was fun, but it had its problems. Like I said in my last post, it started really late for a summer race. I ran the whole thing feeling light-headed and sick, even though I was crazy hydrated. Also, the race didn’t provide any cold water and by the time I crossed the finish line, they were out of ice completely (they only had enough for the 5k finishers…????).

The course was super tough; probably one of the hardest 10k courses I have ever run. There were no real flat stretches in the whole 6.2 mile course (and actually as you’ll see from my Garmin, it was a 6.3 mile course) and the hills were long and steep with little to no shade. I had to drive back on the course and here’s a shot of just one of the many, many hills

Ok back to the start of the morning. This is the one time you’re going to hear me say that I would rather have gotten up at 5am to run. The later race time on this, one of the hottest days of the summer (it’s already 101 outside), just doesn’t work. But here I am all fresh and ready to go on a nice “6 mile training run”, which is really how I approached this whole debacle.

At least I got to park right near the start/finish line (unlike the I ❤ The Tavern Tri, where I had to walk a mile to/from my car). I tried to stay in my air conditioning as long as I could, but even that didn’t help.

6.3 HOT and HILLY miles later…

Don’t care about my time one bit. I said all along I was just using this as a nice, slow training run and the heat would’ve made it impossible to run faster anyways. While they had no cold water or ice at the finish (again…??!?!!?!!), at least they had watermelon.

I didn’t hang around long. Ate my watermelon, hopped in my car, and drove home. And this was the temperature at 10:25am, shortly after I finished running. Yea.

So not my best race (and not the best race course/amenities/organization overall). Having a successful “race” in the summer months is just not that feasible for me…don’t know about you. My running performance is SO much better in the fall/spring. I’m just glad I completed my mid-distance run for the week (only a few days after my last 12 miler) when I’d probably have just slept in and gone to the pool.  Actually the pool sounds really nice right about now. 🙂 I’m off…

Do you take into account the course difficulty/elevation for race courses or just sign up for ones that are convenient/sound cool/accessible? 

Do you even look up/ask about the race course ahead of time or just get out there and rip it?

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13 Responses to Waynesboro Summer Extravaganza 10k

  1. Wow! I give you so much credit for running in that type of weather!

    I hate it when races run out of water/food. I ran the Detroit Marathon and by the time the marathoners finished they were all out of bagels and bananas. The half marathoners had eaten it all! I was not happy!

  2. Melissa says:

    Great job in that insane heat and challenging course!! I give you a lot of credit! Hope you’re cooled down by now. 🙂 I look at course maps but I don’t know why lol. I pick races that are convenient (close to home and/or to family and friends) but I actually don’t race that much..I’m cheap, lol and it gives me a lot of anxiety..too many ppl. Congrats again and enjoy the rest of your day! :))

  3. Carina says:

    That course looks like a beating. I think you’ll find that the more seasoned you get at running, the more rare it will be to ever have a PR in the summer. It’s easy enough when you’re inexperienced, but as you get stronger, there’s just no way you’ll have a better race at 85 degrees than you do at 50 degrees, assuming you’ve raced well.

  4. Wow, you’re amazing! I would not have to guts to run a race that started at 9am in the summer! And a hard course too!

  5. jessie says:

    @least they had watermelon, haha :). Great job on the race though girl. I don’t think I could’ve handled that heat.. you’re just awesome!

  6. great job, especially for running in the heat and plus the hills!
    that is soo annoying, how did they run out of ice water?!

  7. katiemoves says:

    wow great job! that kinda sounds miserable…but at least there was watermelon!

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