Early to rise…

The record-setting heat has continued this week. I mean yesterday looked (and felt!) like this

YUCK. I know that the midwest has also suffered with above normal temps as well, but this is exactly why I always complain here in the summer. I am a cold weather gal. Oh how nice would it feel if it was in the 40s today? If I could have gotten up, put on some running tights and a long sleeve shirt and run a normal pace for me??

Ok, enough wallowing. Sophie hasn’t even been complaining as much as me. I let her out to go to the bathroom earlier and after 10 minutes I went to check on her. She was lounging on the grass and seemed happy as a clam (granted, she was only able to stay out in the heat for another 10 minutes before she got too hot….frenchies overheat very easily so we’ve got to be careful!)

So these crazy temperatures have meant more early mornings for me. I mentioned last Friday that I got all prepared to get up early and run only to find that it was still 80 degrees at 4:30am when my alarm went off. So I went back to bed and ran on the treadmill later in the day before leaving for the Outer Banks.

7 miles to be exact (with a few Strawberry GUs because I hadn’t eaten anything before the run). Not gonna lie, it was kind of amazing. The gym was completely empty. It was like my own personal air conditioned running room 🙂

I was glad that I at least got in a 7 mile run, but knew I needed to get up early this week to do my long run. So on Tuesday morning I followed the exact same routine as I had done the week prior. But this time when I woke up at 4:30am it was 76 degrees so it was more doable. I literally had to force myself to get up and chug coffee. By the time I got ready, set up my water bottles, and started, it was 5:30.

And the sun was just coming up over the mountains. I’ve found that while I HATE getting up early, the views usually make me appreciate the fact that I forced myself to.

And the run went smoothly! Unlike last time, I didn’t bring any Gatorade and stuck with a Mandarin Orange GU so my stomach felt just fine. The hot weather has still slowed down my pace, though I’ve been freezing all of my water bottles every time now and that has REALLY helped. 12 miles for this week’s long run: done. 

Is it weird that I sometimes end my run at this cemetery? Kinda creepy?

And look at my mileage totals for the past 3 months (not including all of the runs I’ve done on the treadmill). Not bad. Still building my mileage slowly but surely. 

And I rewarded myself for getting up early and getting the run done with my favorite post-run meal: A BAGEL sandwich. Love me some bagels 🙂

So this past week was pretty good in terms of running. My “mid-distance” runs have been slowly building and I might push them up from 7 to 8 miles next week. My long run is exactly where I wanted it to be by July 9th, when marathon training “technically” starts. The only thing I want to improve upon is to maybe add one more easy maintenance day of running (3-4 easy miles). By now I know that won’t help my endurance any, but an extra day will help to strengthen my joints and connective tissue even more.

Keeping that in mind, I had a good shake out 4 mile run yesterday on the treadmill and I’m gonna try to get up early tomorrow to run this 10k in Waynesboro.

The race doesn’t start until 9am, which is sort of late for a summer race, especially as the high tomorrow is expected to be around 100 degrees again. But I’ll tell myself it’s just a workout (exactly what I told myself before the I ❤ The Tavern Tri a few weeks ago)

Any hot summer races coming up?

Have you been able to overcome the heat to continue with your running/biking/swimming/fitness routine? 

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13 Responses to Early to rise…

  1. Nice job on your run! I’ve been trying to beat the heat as well but there have definitely been days when I’ve gone on the tmill instead. I hate the heat and enjoy the cold as well. Good lukc at your race tomorrow! I am not doing any races this summer (I am actually not a big race fan). There are a couple of marathons back in NY that I am looking at as my family and freiends would be able to watch but other than that, nothing else has caught my attention. Stay as cool as possible! 🙂

  2. The heat has been ridiculous. I ended up skipping my run this morning because at 5 a.m. it was 84 feels like 91. The sun was barely up! I’m glad I have access to a pool.

    Great job on the long run! I’m hoping to get in a double digit one this weekend but with the weather as it is I’m not sure I will.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Brittany says:

    The heat has been crazy down here in Raleigh too! I’m definitely not used to running or training during the summer…it’s going to be a long one and it’s only just begun! Good luck!!

  4. eatpraytri says:

    that heat sounds miserable. We are in Seattle and have missed all the hotness. It is going to be 75 today…sooo nice! btw…I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. I posted today about it, check it out! 🙂

  5. Michelle says:

    I’ve opted for swimming. It’s only appropriate in 100-degrees!

  6. I give you credit, 545 am is early and when I have been going. Setting my alarm clock for 430 would be insane.

  7. jessie says:

    Way to knock out 12 miles girl… and w/ the weather it’s been, that’s awesome!

    I’ve been doing my runs on the treadmill. The temps here have been 125-130 + sandstorms.. so not running outside for me!

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