June 2012 Highlights and July Goals

I can’t believe June is dunzo. Is it me or did June fly by? I hate how time seems to go so fast as I get older. Even Sophie was surprised by how fast the month flew by. She wants to get her outside, summertime fun in while she still can 😉

Ok, maybe if those outside activities didn’t include a bath…

When I look back on June, I did a good amount of base train running and socializing while also moving out of my place in Cville (living in a temporary house situation) and working like crazy. Here are some of my June highlights:


I raced the I ❤ The Tavern Tri with no recent swimming/biking training!

Got Ruby (my race bike) back out 

I ran in the crazy heat

I channeled Cinderella during a run with the critters

I tried to run on more hills

I purchased a new running tank and celebrated National Running Day


I celebrated a friend’s birthday at the Pink Ribbon Polo Classic 

I had a nice evening picnic with friends at the monthly Starry Nights event at Veritas Vineyard

I started out the month (and ended May) with a fun weekend in D.C. with my twin sis (and the Alexandria Half Marathon)


I ended the month with a camping/beach trip to the Outer Banks

There were a lot of running posts this past month, so if you don’t like reading about running…well, actually you probably wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. I can’t say there will be any less during July because my “marathon training” really ramps up this month (I put that in quotation marks because I’m following my own training plan). My running in June really consisted of some taper runs after the half marathon over Memorial Day weekend and some base training. I’m back up to about a 13 mile long run for the week and that is where I will start my official “marathon training”. Not too bad…I’m happy I was able to take 4 weeks and do some easy, long runs in preparation. My running goals for July are: 

Continue building mileage slowly and incrementally (sooo important for me!) 

Hover around 16 miles for my long run once I build up to that (past that has previously been my injury threshold)

Stretch so much more: Stretch every. single. day. Seriously 

Build up to 17 miles for my long run by the end of July 

I don’t have that many more goals. I’m keeping it pretty simple. I’ve noticed that I’ve gained a few pounds these past 4 weeks, mostly from mindlessly eating crap. Like a ton of candy and fatty foods. I’m making it my July goal to clean up my diet. It’s seriously derailing my fitness efforts and even a few pounds can make running more difficult (and places more stress on your joints). And I need to drink more water. Drinking water during my runs doesn’t count

Oh, and I updated the Active Life page up at the top to include more training post links. It had been awhile since I updated that page and I like to categorize some of my favorite posts so that they’re not “lost” to the blog once they get buried by new posts. 

And one more update: Remember how I didn’t get up early to run last Friday because it was still crazy hot at 4:30 am? I ended up getting in a 7 miler on the treadmill later that day and will try again to get up early tomorrow to run. I really want to get my long run done because I’ve signed up for a 10k on Saturday so that will make for a nice training week.

What was your favorite June highlight?

What are your July goals? 

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14 Responses to June 2012 Highlights and July Goals

  1. Very smart goals especially about building up the mileage, sounds you are being really good about it!

  2. Love your July goals – stretching and drinking more water are super important – I am trying to remember that everyday!

  3. I can’t believe June is already gone too!! My marathon training starts ramping up in July too, so stretching, rolling, ice bathing will be crucial to staying healthy and strong.

  4. Carina says:

    I’m so glad you spent June doing cautious and steady base-building. That will serve you well in these training months!

  5. Melissa says:

    Looks like you had a great June! And nice goals you’ve set for July! I am trying to drink more water as well…I drank Diet Pepsi and artificially zero calorie flavored water too much so I actually cut that all out as of July 1…attempting to do it cold turkey. Highlight of June was hitting 250 miles for the month. Along with cutting the diet soda and artificial sweeteners…I want to do more strength training bc I am weak, haha. Looking forward to reading more!! 🙂

  6. You had an eventful June, I give you a ton of credit for running in the heat.
    I find if I have a few extra pounds on me, running is so much more difficult! That’s what I’m blaming my last half marathon on;)

  7. It looks like you had a great June! That tri looks like so much fun, especially the swim!

  8. eatpraytri says:

    aahhhhhh I love that pic of Sophie!! Classic. 🙂

  9. jessie says:

    I CANNOT believe June is over already… which is okay with me, because that means my birthday will be here sooner (like TUESDAY :)), and vacation in September to Greece! Anyhow, thank you for sharing your July goals, and highlights of June!

    **I just started my own blog today. Check it out

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