Storms + Camping = No Bueno

If you live on the East Coast or in the mid-Atlantic you probably had some pretty terrible storms this past weekend. And by terrible, I’m talking hurricane force winds and major destruction, with power out for hundreds of thousands. I wasn’t in Charlottesville, but heard it was pretty bad. Luckily, we  missed most of the strong storms on Friday night, our first night camping in the OBX.

But that doesn’t mean that we were A-Okay on Friday night. Around 2:30am we woke up to some really strong winds…so strong that the poles were bending and the tent was collapsing (eeeeeek!). We hadn’t put on the rain cover because it was sooo hot, so we quickly got up and tried to put it on (it’s on in the picture above). Well, it almost blew us away like a big parachute. Eventually we got in on and by then the crazy wind had died down. When we woke up in the morning, we found out that the severe storms that knocked out power in West Virginia, Virginia, D.C. and Maryland had just missed us to the North by 10 miles and the wind we felt was part of the storm.

PHEW! That was a close call. Not sure what we would’ve done if the full blown storm had come to blow us away! Well, actually I do know…but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Saturday was the most gorgeous beach day!

We had a relatively secluded spot on the beach in Nags Head, so it felt like we had our own private beach 🙂 It was just as HOT as Charlottesville, but on the beach the humidity didn’t feel as high and there was a nice breeze.

So back to the storms. After dinner on Saturday night I checked the weather on my phone and it said another line a storms was making its way east through Virginia and North Carolina. The forecast didn’t say for sure whether the storms would hit us so we decided to take the risk. Well, it didn’t work out the best for us the second night. At 1:30 a storm blew through and we had to quickly get up and take the tent down. We didn’t have many options…all of the hotels were booked and I didn’t want to sleep in the car. So I did the only thing I could think of….I drove home through the crazy storms. Not my best idea ever, but when we got back I was happy that a tree didn’t fall on us while we were camping and that we were safe rather than sorry. 

I was disappointed that I didn’t get a full second and third night camping (we had planned to camp last night in Williamsburg and go to the Water Park today!!!!) so Mitch set up the tent for us in the backyard and started a fire in our firepit for s’mores.

It was pretty fun 🙂 And, hey, I got a gorgeous day on the beach on Saturday!

Ever dealt with storms while camping? 

Crazy about s’mores? 

What is your favorite camping foods? Activities?

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10 Responses to Storms + Camping = No Bueno

  1. oh man I love camping but those storms would have driven me away too!

  2. I haven’t been camping in forever. But the weather most definitely has to cooperate in order for me to enjoy it haha.

  3. that’s so cute that he set up the tent for you in the backyard:)
    that storm is rolling through here today, I can hear the thunder starting now…eeeks!

  4. Wow! That was a close call! Glad that you are safe! Those storms were pretty bad.

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  6. eatpraytri says:

    I could seriously stare at these beach pics all day.

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