Frozen corn and sunscreen

Based on the title for this post you’re probably like WHAT THE HEEEEEEEY?

Ok, that picture is completely irrelevant, but come on, are you complaining?

So I usually like to take ice baths (you can check out my ice bath routine here), but sometimes I’d rather sit on the couch, eat Twizzlers (what is up with my Twizzler cravings lately?) and visit my favorite shopping sites.


Frozen veggies or ice packs help me do that (or ice if I’ve got nothing else). Frozen corn or peas are the best because they are so tiny and conform to my knees. Is it gross if I just put them back into the freezer to be used again? (to ice not to eat, silly!) 

My knees have been sore since Sunday’s triathlon and that’s what I get for not training at all and just go all out. I’m also convinced that biking makes my bad knee even worse. Every time I bike or spin now it gets a little bit swollen. I’ve got to bring that up with my doctor next time.

Not much else to report. I’m going to the Outer Banks this weekend for a camping/beach extravaganza.

(Hammocks Beach State Park, OBX)

The OBX is amazing because you can just drive right up on the beach. So psyched for beach/fun in the sun time even though…

To quell my insecurities I’ll just keep this with me at all times

But seriously, this is probably a good time for me–a dermatologist’s daughter–to extol the value and benefits of sunscreen. I’m not talking SPF 4 or even SPF 15. Please wear SPF 30 or higher and reapply often! Skin cancer is too common and easily prevented…not to mention sunscreen (and sitting under an umbrella, which I’ll probably do much of the time) is the best way to prevent wrinkles!!! And if you didn’t know, I’m all about preventing wrinkles.

Oh, and examine your body often for new moles or moles that have changed/gotten larger. Visit your dermatologist too. I have a good friend whose doctor found skin cancer on her scalp under her hair. She is 25. Yeah. (My friend is fine by the way. She had the spot removed but it wasn’t fun)

I’ll probably get up really early again on Friday to do my long run before we leave. The high temp for Friday? 102. Gross.

Do you like to use frozen veggies to ice? What kind????

Plans for this weekend or 4th of July?

Twizzlers: yay or nay

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8 Responses to Frozen corn and sunscreen

  1. katiemoves says:

    That picture totally get the whole wearing a bathing suit in public thing!! Ah. And good reminder about sunscreen! So important!!

  2. Jim says:

    Twizzlers rule! Have fun at OBX. I love it out there.

  3. twizzlers!! (and also ryan gossling is hot) I think someone from is in my head…

  4. eatpraytri says:

    I have never used frozen veggies, but I think its a GREAT idea!!

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