Where has Ruby been?

Not sure if you’ve realized, but Ruby has been MIA lately. And by lately, I mean 8 months!!!!! Ruby is my nickname for my race bike, which I bought in January 2011 so that I could do more triathlons (and not have to rent a bike).

I called her Ruby the Racer because she’s a Fuji Roubaix ACR (rACR) and well, she’s red! After researching different bikes and going to the bike store like every week for 2 months to see if they were having sales, I decided on this bike, which cost about $1000 on sale. She has carbon forks, which makes her super light and when I bought her, the bike pro explained how she has a different gear system–a compact gearing system– that offers a lower gear selection in order to make it easier to climb hills without changing the top speed. Basically she’s super speedy and we’ve had some really good races together–ranging from sprint to half ironman distance.

When I hurt my knee last summer, I still rode Ruby for a few months but realized that the distance biking was actually hurting my knee (surprising because biking is a non impact sport) This is probably because when you ride a bike, your knee moves into a 90 degree angle and it’s that movement over and mover again that seemed to exacerbate the torn cartilage in my knee. But I love triathlons. Not as much as plain old running races, but I do love and miss them. That’s why I’ve decided at the very last minute to do the I Love The Tavern Tri in Richmond this Sunday.

Yep, I haven’t swam much in the past 6 months (you can check out my swimming story here) and haven’t ridden Ruby in just as long if not longer. But I figure that after doing some longer distance tris the past few years I’ll be able to complete this sprint tri. It’s a river swim–something I’ve never done–and the bike portion is a bit farther than most sprint tris, so I’ll probably be really slow, but I think it’ll just be a fun workout and that’s how I’m going to look at it. 

So we’ll see what happens come Sunday! I plan on getting up early tomorrow and doing my long run for the week (it’s been close to 100 degrees everyday!) and then resting until Sunday.

Do you think I’m crazy to sign up for and race a tri on such short notice?

You into the triathlon scene? 

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12 Responses to Where has Ruby been?

  1. Good luck on the triathlon! I love doing them 🙂 No joke, my first triathlon, I did 0 swimming training. It was literally the first time I was in the ocean in a wetsuit. But I survived! And have done more since then 🙂

  2. I’ve never done a triathlon, but I have considered it. I have the worst balance on a bike though! I have no clue why bc I have great balance everywhere else. It could be detrimental to those around me if I decided to do one lol Good Luck this weekend! I’m sure you’ll do great!

  3. I don’t think you’re crazy because you’re in shape so I think you’ll be able to do it! I want to do a tri, but I can’t swim:/ It is something I need to learn how to do! You’ll do great this weekend!

  4. Jena says:

    Not crazy at all – love it! Good luck!

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