Channeling Cinderella during a 7 Miler in Virginia Wine Country

On Saturday evening I set out for my weekly “medium distance” run. There’s something about running past the vineyards and seeing the sun set over the mountains that makes running in the evenings oh so much more enjoyable than running in the early morning (if the temps aren’t too hot!)

Plus, I get to think about drinking wine during my whole run

I wore my favorite new Under Armour tank. Seriously love that thing. Gonna go try to buy more colors

And ended up going a hilly 7 miles at my usual slow-as-hell running pace (well, my pace for runs over 5 miles). I’m glad I’m keeping up with this training on hills thing because I know it is making me stronger and will ultimately make me faster when I run on flat terrain.

At the end of my run I found a random picnic table with a view of the sun setting. Perfect for stretching!

Overall critter count for the run: 4 deer that were running alongside of me in a meadow…seriously, I’m not kidding (there are deer everywhere this summer!), 3 bunny rabbits, and 1 chipmunk.

I’m like a modern day Cinderella

Next thing you know…

But in all seriousness, I love that movie. I could watch Enchanted every single night. And I may or may not already own it on DVD (much to Mitch’s chagrin).

Sometimes running isn’t all frolicking deer and singing birds though. It is important that someone knows where you are running (I always tell Mitch and text him when I’m starting so he’ll know something went wrong if I’m gone too long and can come looking for me). There are so many stories of experienced runners going out to run in beautiful but remote settings and getting hurt/stranded. There can also be scary and dangerous individuals. Like this story from Runner’s World blogger Dorothy Beal, who was chased and verbally assaulted while on a run with her three young kids.

It bears repeating: Have fun, but be careful out there everyone!

What is your favorite Disney movie? 

This is a tough question for me. I LOVED Dumbo growing up but I also love Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid 🙂

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18 Responses to Channeling Cinderella during a 7 Miler in Virginia Wine Country

  1. I grew up loving them all! Probably Alladin the most. When the Emperor’s New Groove came out I was super excited because it was the first one (it seemed) where the bad character wasn’t actually scary… or maybe it was because I was a lot older! 🙂

  2. I always tell someone when I’m going for a run. I used to also tell people my routes but then I felt really limited during my run. But runners need to stay safe!

    That route looks really beautiful. I love runs that allow you to appreciate nature 🙂

  3. eatpraytri says:

    I love Enchanted but I’ve only seen it once!! Can you believe that??? I totally need to see it again!

  4. My favorite movie growing up was the Little Mermaid. I started swimming when I was younger, so I figured, if my life choices failed, I could always become a mermaid. Luckily all played out okay, I imagine it can get cold under the sea. And I’d prob have a hard time enjoying blue crabs during the summer months!

  5. katiemoves says:

    my running route contains these two killer hills that are back to back! i’m not saying that I love to train on them but it just so happens that they are on my but i definitely do feel stronger after running them so i should appreciate them!

    favorite disney movies is a tie between Aladdin and Mulan! i love them! i do love them all tho

  6. What a beautiful place to run, yummy wine to think about always helps as well.

  7. I love seeing animals on runs! Except whenever I see a bunny, they start to frantically running around like I’m an enemy or something hahah

  8. Brittany says:

    That’s such a gorgeous place to run! During one of my runs one afternoon this spring I saw a total of 10 deer, it was crazy! Hope your training for the marathon is going well!

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