Starry Nights Weekend 2012

This past weekend was chock full of fun social outings, which I totally needed after my hella stressful work week last week. Sadly, it’s Monday already (seriously, why DOES the weekend go so fast?), but I have pictures that I can look at all week to get me to next weekend. Oh, and there’s this…

Ok, well I can’t space out all week (I wish!) BUT I can jam to this…

Sorry, thought we could all use that 80’s flashback 😉

So back to this past weekend. It started off Friday night with sushi at my favorite place in Charlottesville, Ten (I’ve also posted about Ten here). I love the tuna rolls they have but they also have these absolutely amazeballs beef rolls. They pile cooked kobe beef on top of avocado rolls and it is heaven.

Dinner was followed up with drinks at Whiskey Jar. I love this bar because they will freshly squeeze grapefruit (right in front of you!) to mix with vodka for a killer drink.

BTW, Mitch wore his Cville shirt, just in case we got lost and needed a map to find our way 😉 No seriously, I found that shirt at Urban here in town and knew he would love it. It’s actually made by the same people that do the Maptotes.

Saturday, it was on to the main event: Starry Night at Veritas Vineyard. Starry Nights is an outdoor event at the local Veritas Vineyard, where you and your friends drink tons of wine, eat good food, and dance the night away. It occurs every month throughout the summer and it’s one of the best things about living in Charlottesville during the oppressively hot months. I only went once last summer, but you can check out my post here.

I wore this fun aztec-print Sharagano dress that I got from Neiman Marcus Last Call. It’s super comfortable and I love that it’s not too short (whenever I know I’ll be lounging on the grass, I don’t like my dress to be too short, ya know?). It also has a built-in bra, which is awesome for a sundress.  Right now, it’s an EXTRA 30% off online (wish I would’ve known that!)

I didn’t get a pic of the back, but it looks like this

It was really crowded because it was the first Starry Nights of the summer and I also think the perfect weather brought everyone out. Once the sun went down, it was 75 degrees 🙂 We had a nice little set up with our food and wine

All and all a fantastic night that reminds me why I have come to love living here (and outweighs some of the negatives of living in central Virginia in the summer…check out my Ups and Downs of a Virginia Summer).

There was no running for me this weekend (and I feel like a balloon as a result of all that eating and drinking), so I’m hoping to get out there for a long run today or tomorrow.

Do anything fun this weekend? 

What is your favorite kind of wine (white/red, type, brand)? 

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9 Responses to Starry Nights Weekend 2012

  1. I absolutely love Cville, one of my favorite places.

    • It took awhile to grow on me because I was used to living in Boston, a much larger city. But this past year I realized how much I do love it here. And now I can commute between D.C. and Cville and have the best of both worlds 🙂

      Hope your new job is going well in D.C.!!!

  2. I love your style! That dress is so cute 🙂 I hope this week is less stressful!

  3. That dress is super cute! I spent Saturday running around from home, to my parent’s house, to a bbq, then back to dc for a friends party. But Sunday, was nothing but lounging and the farmers market. It was glorious.

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