Back in the Saddle – The Final Countdown

Hi everyone, I’m Becky, Claire’s twin sister, and I’m back with my fourth and final installment of my “Back in the Saddle” guest post series. If you’re just joining, you can also check out my first three posts:

Back in the Saddle (my introduction and background with running)

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Prepping the Part

It was yet another gorgeous weekend here in the Big Apple, which made me extra happy 🙂

This past weekend was also the final running push …. the half with Claire is less than ONE week away!!! I can’t believe it has come up so fast. I am truly excited to get down to DC this Friday and spend a whole long weekend with my sis and our two bf’s (they’ve never met!) doing all sorts of fun (patriotic?) stuff on Memorial Day. Getting to see Claire every so often makes my whole world – she’s my best friend after all, and we always get ourselves into some sort of shenanigans. 🙂

I’m sure Claire will give you all the play-by-play afterwards!

The race (aka “the big dance”) is Sunday morning in Alexandria, and I hope I’m ready! Either way it feels so amazing to know that I’ve brought my body back from it’s several year hiatus and gotten back into the running groove! Sure, there have been some aches and pains along the way but I realized I’ve missed those too (crazy, right? Us runners, we truly do believe no pain no gain).

Don’t you kinda hate…kinda love…these tees?


This week’s post is all about The Final Countdown, or those last couple weeks leading up to a big race. Many veteran runners hate this infamous time prior to a race, particularly those who are anticipating a big marathon (you can read all about my sister’s hatred of the dreaded taper before her marathons). This is because for longer distance races, you must taper and up your calories….leaving many runners feeling restless and anxiety ridden. I love it though! What an amazing feeling to know you’ve built up your endurance and strength and truly prepared for the race ahead, such a great feeling of accomplishment and excitement to truly take on the race as your victory lap, all the hard work is done!

It’s fairly uncommon for many runners to do large taper sessions prior to a half-marathon. Given how my body was feeling, I decided to do one last 10-mile long run this past Saturday – a week before the actual event. And it was a great run with some negative splits! I refueled with some shredded wheat with cinnamon, watermelon, and a chocolate milk for protein. Yum.

And I have a perfectly new worn-in pair of Asics 2170s waiting for their big day on Sunday

So, I certainly have not been tapering. I will say that this week I plan to give my body a little more R&R than usual (laying off the spinning and Exhale Core Fusion, getting more sleep each night to help my muscles repair and rest, and do some easy mid-range runs) which I kind-of count as my official taper.

So with that, wish me luck this weekend! I may need it 😉 I know I’m certainly not going to PR or anything, but it’s going to feel SO good to get back in a bib and out there with fellow runners!

And, guess what?! I’m already looking for my next race this summer here in the Tri-State area! Yah for running in the summer!

How do you prepare for a race? 

Any advice for me? 

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12 Responses to Back in the Saddle – The Final Countdown

  1. Good luck on the race!! I bet you will totally rock it 🙂

    • Becky says:

      Thanks!!! I’m a little nervous because I didn’t get in as many long runs as I would have liked (ya know, LIFE keeps getting in the way lol). But I know that this will just set my baseline for me to improve upon for upcoming races 🙂

  2. David says:

    Great to hear your motivational story about coming back to running! Good luck this weekend. I’m thinking about the Newport Half in Jersey City. It’s close by and relatively affordable for a half.

    • Becky says:

      Thanks so much! It’s funny that when I was running so much years ago, I never even thought that I would stop. Starting again was almost like starting for the first time…getting those feelings of awe and accomplishment as the runs get longer.

      That race sounds really good and if it’s on the cheaper side I say definitely do it!!!

  3. Idlehide says:

    I try not to go crazy on carb loading. It seems to work for everyone else but it makes me feel bogged down. You guys will do great! Have fun:)

  4. YAHHHH you’re gonna do great (and kick my slow butt!!!!!)


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  6. You and your sister are too freakin’ cute!

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