Mail Freebie

Look what came in the mail! My free long-sleeve technical shirt I got for being one of the first 2,000 to register for the RnR LV in December 🙂

Wohoo! Now I have the motivation I need to get out there and run this weekend (and battle my awful seasonal allergies!).

Have a great [running] weekend!! See y’all on Monday 🙂

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6 Responses to Mail Freebie

  1. Haha cute shirt! Have a great run!

  2. I heard lots about that Vegas marathon/half marathon! Everyone should get a free shirt, considering how so many people ended up getting so sick!!

    • Claire says:

      I know, so many people got sick! One of them was my friend who was there with me and was running her first half marathon. I was fine (other than completely hungover with the worst sore throat ever 😉 ) because I run with my own water. I considered not doing it this year but I actually had fun during the race and I’ll take any excuse to go to LV 🙂

  3. katiemoves says:

    Free stuff ALWAYS motivates me to run 😉

  4. leota111 says:

    Very cool!! I love the changes the made to the race

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