New Job, Gym & Space Shuttle Sighting

This week I started a new part-time research job in D.C.

Just kidding, I like it a lot so far. I’ll be splitting my time between working in the District and Charlottesville, which I kind of like. It gets me out of the small town and into the city, but I can still hang out in the ‘Ville over the summer, when there is so much to do!

Although I’ve been working as a research assistant in Charlottesville, this new job requires me to commute in and work at a desk all day. It’s been 3 years since I worked a desk job and let me tell you, it takes getting used to! I’m not even sure I’m cut out for a desk job and that’s probably the reason why I used to teach high school instead (which is exhausting in a different way). But it is nice to have a change of scenery and to feel like I am back in the “working world” again.

Need to spruce up my desk area! And you see that? My eyesight is fading from all this reading, writing, and work. That stuff can damage your health! 😉

The hardest part so far? Getting up early and having a set schedule. The beauty of being in the dissertation stage so far has been setting my own schedule (which usually means sleeping in until 10am…or later sometimes 😉 ) Now, I need to get up around 7 a few days a week to commute in on the Metro from Alexandria to the District. This requires a lot of coffee. A LOT.

Which is funny because I gave up coffee for 10 years after college and only recently started drinking it again.

At least I have time to read some blogs for a few minutes before I get to work!

Another strategy that has always helped me stay energized while having to work a “desk” job? Working out during lunchtime. During my last year in Boston, when I worked for a non-profit organization downtown, I used to go everyday at lunchtime to the Boston Sports Club down the street. I would run for a bit and then take a class. Then I would eat my lunch at my desk when I got back. It definitely helped to keep me feeling energized and kept the dreaded afternoon “slump” away (I get the worst slump!).

I know this movie, "How Do You Know", got panned, but I actually found it pretty amusing. Probably because of Paul Rudd who I think we can all agree is the best. And if you haven't seen "I Love You Man" you should. I don't typically love that slap-stick genre but I laughed the whole time. Ok, this is officially the longest photo caption ever...

So I’m planning on doing the same thing here in D.C. too. There is a gym a few blocks from my office (and another one in the same chain I can use 2 minutes from where I am living) and I have a free 3-day trial. I know I’m going to end up joining anyways but I’m going to take the 3 free days because, well, they’re free!

I sort of hate having to join new gyms, not because of the cost (which is high), but because I get so attached to certain machines and workout environments that I find it hard to adjust and get good workouts in a new place. I just don’t do well with change I suppose. Also, I hate it when the machines are facing the wall (and have an attached TV…I know, I’m crazy). Who wants to run for an hour facing a wall? Seriously?! I like to have it facing the rest of the gym so that I can people watch. And we all know how protective I am of MY treadmill at my gym in Cville 😉

Now this is the real definition of torture

P.S. something really cool happened while I was at work today. I saw the space shuttle being brought into D.C. from our office window 🙂

How early do you need to be in to work?

Are you a morning/afternoon/evening person?

–I’m a night owl all the way baby!!! I remember my professors in college and grad school who had me in more than one class (once in the morning and once in the afternoon) saying that I was like a different person. I’m just one of those people who doesn’t like to talk in the morning (again, a reason why I decided not to teach anymore)

Like/Love or hate coffee? Tea?

AND…if by chance you enjoy running on a treadmill that faces a wall please tell me how you do it!!!! 😉

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15 Responses to New Job, Gym & Space Shuttle Sighting

  1. Oh, I am with ya!!! I get energy every night around 9pm! Every night! Go figure that I always end up having to be at work around 6am. Yay. You’re totally jealous, I know it! 😉 I’m British, so I love tea (black tea with milk and sugar) and my coffee has to have creamer and sugar in it. If it’s a flavored creamer instead of half n’ half, then I forgo the sugar… And “How Do You Know” was so underrated! I liked it and could never figure out why a lot of people didn’t! Congrats on the new job! And by switching up your gyms, you can go treadmill shopping! It’s like car shopping, but cheaper! 😉

    • I just wanna say yes, yes, yes to everything you’ve said!!!! We’re exactly the same! I could be British, even though I’m not, because for years all I drank was black tea with milk and sugar. I basically make my coffee exactly the same (I don’t know how my sister drinks it plain black without anything else).

      And you’re so right about treadmill shopping. This gives me an “excuse” to get one (like I didn’t have one already, haha). Can’t wait to go “test drive” these treadmills 🙂

  2. Carina says:

    Congrats on the job, that’s a tough commute though! I only go to a gym very rarely at home, but when I’m back in the north visiting my family or in-laws, I’ll go to gyms there and I definitely have favorite treadmills at each, even though I only use it a few times a year.

    All through college and grad school, I was a night owl. Even probably the first 5 or so years working after grad school. But basically since I got involved with my husband (who has to be at work very early), I’ve changed my ways. I have gotten into morning workouts, so I am always awake by 5 at the latest on a weekday or long run day. That usually leaves me 1 day/wk to sleep in and I love that day the most!

  3. I am definitely a night person! I get my second wind of energy somewhere around 9pm and then I end up getting alot of work done after then. Kind of stinks, but I can’t control it!

    I try to avoid coffee because when I start drinking it I become addicted so I avoid it. Plus my parents are those people who drink coffee and fall asleep, so I don’t want to be them. I do like tea though! All types! I fell in love with it when I was in London last year and haven’t looked back.

  4. Idlehide says:

    That’s so cool you got to see the airplane! I kept seeing photos of it yesterday.
    Do you have twitter?

  5. I’m actually one of those weirdo morning people who actually like being up super early. That being said, I don’t like to be productive early, just go for a run and relax at home.

    I go through phases with coffee too! I stopped drinking it during undergrad but have recently picked the habit back up. I also drink a lot of tea but that’s just because my office is freeeezing!

  6. running on a treadmill that faces a wall?? ooh that’s rough. you could print out a picture of somebody (*cough* *cough* ryan gosling) and tape it to the wall. just a thought 😉

  7. I used to be a morning person, voluntarily getting to work around 8 or 830. But now I’ve started to experience the joys of sleeping in, haha, getting to work around 915 or 930. Even 945 🙂
    I’m actually shopping for a new gym. My office is moving from Dupont to Rosslyn, so it hasnt made sense for me to join the gym next to our building (which i think is the one you have a picture of?). So I’m going to be scoping out the Rosslyn gym scene and their treadmills. And I LOVE coffee AND tea. I usually have 1 cup of coffee to start, and then a few cups of tea during the day to keep me going. Green, black, herbal tea, I love them all!

  8. katiemoves says:

    My last semester I was student teaching and getting up at like 5:30 which SUCKED, and i was constantly exhausted! So since gradating college I have gotten into the habit of staying up late (hence me writing this comment now) and i lazily getting out of bed when I want because my one job didn’t require me to come in til like 10…and now all of a sudden my other job has started and all next week i have to be in at work at 7. Lord help me…. and I’ll be drinking enormous amounts of coffee.

    The only tea i can drink is SOME green tea. Idk why but normal black tea/iced tea is just gross to me…and my family goes through that stuff like nothing- i’m weird!

    • UGhhh, I remember how exhausting student teaching is (and the first year of teaching!)

      And it’s soooo hard to get out of the habit of sleeping in, isn’t it? This past week I’ve been walking around like a zombie. Good luck getting up early next week and adjusting!!!!

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