Signs of Spring

Spring is in full swing here in the ‘Ville. My absolute favorite tree in front of UVa’s Rotunda is in full bloom and I try to go sit under it every year during these few weeks that it blooms with beautiful fragrant blossoms. Flowers of all types are also popping up everywhere making the warm air smell sweet  We’re not in D.C. but we have our own cherry blossoms!   

Dogwoods are what we’re really known for in central Virginia and they are just starting to bloom now!

Our Dogwood Festival celebrating these gorgeous trees, which were planted by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson around their homes in the eighteenth century (Mount Vernon and Monticello respectively), is starting in about a week

 Welcome Spring!!

What are the signs of spring where you live? 

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4 Responses to Signs of Spring

  1. tdowell says:

    Beautiful pictures!! I love Virginia in the Spring! Last year I got to go to a steeplechase in May out in the country and it was just beautiful–all theh green and the flowers and the trees—amazing!


  2. clairerd says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos! 🙂

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