Mono Loco

Last week we went out to Mono Loco for a friend’s birthday

The birthday boy!

Mono Loco is a nouveau-Latin restaurant with a laid-back vibe. It has some of my favorite food and margs in Charlottesville

 Their burritos have all fresh and (usually) organic ingredients. My favorite? The Pollo Loco burrito with sweet potato salsa. It’s to die for actually. You can also get your burrito in a bowl without the tortilla, which is what I typically do.

 On special the night we were there? Chicken and “Waffles” Burrito with fried chicken and crispy plantains. My friend ordered it and it was amazing.

One half of my Pollo Loco burrito. They're huge!

I could seriously eat that burrito every day of the week. It’s something to do with the sweet potato salsa. Just plain comfort food. If you’re ever in Charlottesville I recommend checking out Mono Loco. It’s a perfect place to grab dinner and some drinks before a night out on the town!

Hungry for more? You can check out reviews of other restaurants I’ve been to and like above in the “Hungry Life” tab 🙂

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5 Responses to Mono Loco

  1. Rebekah says:

    I immediately started googling ‘sweet potato salsa’ after reading this post. That sounds divine! It looks like there are plantains in it, too? Any chance you could dream up a copycat recipe for your blog readers? 😉

  2. Mrs. C. says:

    That place looks fun and the food looks delicious!!

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