There’s No Crying In Running

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There’s no crying in running! (ok, well maybe there is sometimes…like during a marathon or a really hard run)

I cried at the gym today. Yup, I’m a wuss who got all teary eyed because my knee is back to being swollen and  hurt (if you don’t know the story about the cartilage damage to my knee, you can read about it here).

You see, yesterday I finally got the chance to get my Orthovisc injection (a lubricant that is similar to synovial fluid, a substance that occurs naturally in the joints). My hopes have been high for this treatment to help prevent my knee from swelling up after long runs and to reduce the grinding sensation I get every now and then. My doctor said there was almost no risk and that it could only benefit me. He said a very small percentage of people have a reaction to the injection and can get some swelling. Well I guess I’m in that small percentage because today my right knee has swollen up to twice the size of my other knee and it was painful to run on at the gym.

Left knee (on your right)=normal; Right knee (on your left)=SWOLLEN

Not to mention I have a unsightly bruise where the injection was (shield your eyes if you think bruises are nasty)

Wow, I need to use a self-tanner like whoaaa

My knee has been doing better lately!!!!! What’s that old adage?  I should’ve just left well enough alone. Now I’m afraid the shot made my knee worse.

Enter the tears

Such a baby

I literally had to tell myself, “there’s no crying in running!!!!!!” Which of course reminded me of a memorable scene from one of my favorite movies

And automatically I felt better. Taking the little chubby nugget outside in the gorgeous 80 degree weather didn’t hurt either.

Sun and grass. What's there to be sad about?

I mean, who can feel down in the dumps when faced with this little girl’s infectious smile?

So I’m regrouping, yet again, and going back to what’s worked before. Ice baths. Anti-inflammatories. And lots of yummy food

Can you see the MCM Golden Ticket in the background? It could be yours!

Easter candy helps with articular cartilage damage of the knee, right? 😉

So as I deal with this setback, I’m in need of some good news. Anything positive, exciting, fun happening in your life? Please share!!

And for goodness sake, if you have healthy joints go out and do something active today for me. Our bodies want to MOVE! I will live vicariously through you

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