WHO keeps picking these races???

Oh wait, it’s me. I keep choosing to run the most ridiculously difficult race courses and for some reason they keep getting crazier. Yesterday’s Irish Sprint 10k was hands down bad ass. I guess I should’ve known that they’d have us run the same training course as the marines. Mostly on trails and UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Over rickety suspension bridges. Through crazy rock-strewn terrain. And all in the Prince William Forest.

Runners making it up one of the many long, steep trail hills

And we know, based on my last 10k trail race, that I’m not really a trail runner. The steep ups and downs are really hard on my body, especially my knee. My time isn’t even relevant here (57 minutes) because I’m just happy I finished under an hour. I definitely don’t think you can compare race times from trail and road races. They are just two different beasts.  I’m not sure if I will count this as a training run because my pace was all over the place due to the crazy course (when I do a full recap, I’ll show you guys my splits. One mile was 8:30 and another was 10:05!). I got my golden ticket, which gives me a guaranteed entrance into the Marine Corps Marathon, but as you know, I already signed up anyways! But it sure was fun. And set me up for a whole day of drinking in Georgetown in D.C.

I'm a lightweight

I’d like to say that my next few races will be faster and flatter but I don’t know if I can do that. The Charlottesville 10miler certainly is neither flat nor fast, but it’s an easier road course compared to yesterday’s trail craziness.

I’ll have to wait until the Glass City Half Marathon (if you haven’t checked in on the blog in awhile, I explain the switcheroo here) for a relatively flat course. That’s what I get for living in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Hope you had a FUN St. Patty’s Day and weekend. Now it’s time to rest up 🙂 Full race recap to come

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